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The com­mon tests which are re­quired to make a di­ag­no­sis for any in­fer­tile cou­ple in­clude the fol­low­ing: 1. Se­men anal­y­sis for the male part­ner 2. Transvagi­nal Ul­tra­sound 3. Hor­mone es­ti­ma­tions ( Day 2 Serum FSH / LH / Pro­lactin / TSH) 4. La­paroscopy and Hys­teroscopy5. La­paroscopy and Hys­teroscopy­Hys­teros­alp­in­gog­ra­phy 5. Screen for sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­ease Once th­ese tests have been done or the clinic has seen your pre­vi­ous records, you would be di­ag­nosed to be hav­ing one of the fol­low­ing: 1. Male fac­tor in­fer­til­ity: Low sperm counts, poor sperm motil­ity, too many ab­nor­mal sperms, zero sperm count (ob­struc­tive or non-ob­struc­tive azoosper­mia). Likely treat­ment rec­om­men­da­tions: IUI fol­lowed by ICSI or ther­a­peu­tic in­sem­i­na­tion with donor sperm 2. Poly­cys­tic ovar­ian dis­ease: ( In­ad­e­quate pro­duc­tion of eggs). Likely treat­ment rec­om­men­da­tions: Ovu­la­tion in­duc­tion with clomiphene / Letro­zole fol­lowed by in­jec­tions of FSH / HMG, with planned in­ter­course, IUI or fi­nally IVF / ICSI. 3. En­dometrio­sis: Likely treat­ment rec­om­men­da­tions: Op­er­a­tive la­paroscopy fol­lowed by ad­min­is­tra­tion of GnRHa de­pot for 2 - 3 months fol­lowed by IUI and fi­nally IVF / ICSI 4. Tubal fac­tor in­fer­til­ity: uni­lat­eral or bi­lat­eral tubal block Likely treat­ment rec­om­men­da­tions: La­paro­scopic tubal can­nu­la­tion / IVF. Here, doc­tor would rec­om­mend re­moval of hy­dros­alp­inges (blocked and swollen fal­lop­ian tubes filled with in­fected wa­ter) by la­paroscopy prior to IVF. This delink­ing is manda­tory to en­hance your suc­cess rate with IVF 5. Un­ex­plained in­fer­til­ity: where all in­ves­ti­ga­tions re­veal nor­mal re­sults. This is the cat­e­gory which is likely to have gamete (egg and sperm) prob­lems. Also, they have a 3- % in­ci­dence of fer­til­iza­tion fail­ure at IVF, thus mak­ing ICSI the treat­ment of choice if 2 - 3 IUI at­tempts should fail.

We per­form close to 2000 IVF & ICSI cy­cles an­nu­ally. The last one year alone re­sulted in close to 900 preg­nan­cies with more than a 1100 take home ba­bies from var­i­ous pro­ce­dures.

DR. JATIN SHAH MD.DGO Most of the IVF & ICSI pro­ce­dures are per­formed per­son­ally by him. DR. PANKAJ C. SHAH Se­nior Gy­ne­col­o­gist Of National Re­pute. MS. NINA SHAH Ad­min­is­tra­tor DR. RU­PEN SHAH An­drol­o­gist Of In­ter­na­tional Re­pute.

MALA SHAH Chief pro­ject co-or­di­na­tor and Coun­sel­lor SAMEENA TURAKHIA Diploma in em­bry­ol­ogy and Man­ager- Third party ART HIMA SHAH IVF em­bry­ol­o­gist and vit­ri­fi­ca­tion ex­pert

DR. VI­JAY KULKA­RNI An­drol­o­gist and Male in­fer­til­ity Spe­cial­ist

DR. SACHIN MAN­JREKAR ICSI em­bry­ol­o­gist

DR. BIPIN DADIA Anes­the­si­ol­o­gist.

JA­GRUTI Sec­re­tary and Ac­counts Man­ager

DR. KERSI Cry­ofreez­ing em­bry­ol­o­gist

MRS PARUL SANG­HANI Chief Ac­coun­tant

SH­WETA Sec­re­tary and coun­sel­lor

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