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When did you start Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal & Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre? Founded in 1996 Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal & Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre (A unit of Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal Ltd.) is a pi­o­neer cen­tre in north­ern In­dia, for the eval­u­a­tion, di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment of in­fer­til­ity in a sup­port­ive, pa­tient ori­ented set­ting. Our med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als are among the most ac­com­plished and re­spected doc­tors in the field, and our cen­tre has played a cen­tral role in many sig­nif­i­cant med­i­cal break­throughs, in­clud­ing the first IVF preg­nancy, first egg donor preg­nancy, ICSI preg­nancy in whole of the state of Ra­jasthan other than Jaipur.

How did you choose this par­tic­u­lar branch of medicine? Af­ter our post-grad­u­a­tion we were very en­thu­si­as­tic and wanted to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. ART cilin­ics were just start­ing at that time and there was so much to learn and do some­thing great in this field. In our city, there was no IVF cen­tre and the need was there… so we de­cided to go ahead with it.

How far do you think you have suc­ceeded in your en­deav­our? There is no mea­sure or end point of suc­cess and there is not 100 % re­sult in any field, so also with ART. It’s a jour­ney to be trav­elled and the smil­ing faces of our pa­tients mo­ti­vate us to ‘keep it up!’ The con­fi­dence and co-op­er­a­tion of our pa­tients has helped us to achieve suc­cess rate at par with in­ter­na­tional stan­dards. This is the only mo­ti­vat­ing force be­hind us which helped us to make this cen­tre as the state of art cen­tre fully equipped with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy.

What was the sta­tus of ART cen­tre’s in In­dia when you started as com­pared to now? Terms like test tube ba­bies, In vitro Fer­til­iza­tion, Sur­ro­gacy were not very pop­u­lar and there were very few IVF clin­ics.& pa­tients were re­luc­tant to go for IVF.

What mo­ti­vates you in this field? Suc­cess & the smiles of our pa­tients mo­ti­vate us in this field. Ev­ery new case ig­nites the same pas­sion in our work­ing as was when we had our first suc­cess 14 years ago.

Is IVF dif­fi­cult to go through from a pa­tient’s per­spec­tive? Ob­vi­ously. It is a phase of great emo­tional & fi­nan­cial tur­moil but if com­pas­sion­ate & ad­vanced fa­cil­i­ties are of­fered un­der one roof with good suc­cess track record then things be­come eas­ier & worth try­ing for.

What is your idea of good pa­tient care? For us, good pa­tient care doesn’t mean just treat­ment. That’s be­cause, un­like in other fields, peo­ple who walk in are not ill. They don’t have a dis­ease that needs to be at­tended to im­me­di­ately. First we need to cre­ate a rap­port and then re­view their un­der­stand­ing of the tests they have un­der­gone. It is very dif­fi­cult to in­volve them in de­ci­sion mak­ing. We ac­cess

their ex­pec­ta­tions and in­form the cou­ple of the med­i­cal side of the treat­ment. To get an un­der­stand­ing of their emo­tional health, we at­tempt to know the uni­fied ef­forts a cou­ple makes in deal­ing with the prob­lem. We help them cope with the sit­u­a­tion bet­ter.

What is the kind of care a pa­tient can ex­pect at Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal & Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre? Our hos­pi­tal is con­stantly striv­ing to pro­vide its cus­tomers the best of fa­cil­i­ties and a healthy en­vi­ron­ment. The or­ga­ni­za­tion set up is fully cus­tomer ori­ented; the staff is trained to carry out their du­ties ef­fi­ciently and to treat the pa­tients & their at­ten­dants po­litely & with courtesy. The pa­tient’s well­be­ing & health is our first pri­or­ity. We are ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing the most re­cent ad­vances in re­pro­duc­tive medicine.

What are your mem­o­ries of the first IVF baby you helped con­ceive? As our cen­tre was the first IVF cen­tre in our city and it cre­ated a sen­sa­tion. We prayed to God that this preg­nancy should be un­event­ful till term and God an­swered our prayers by bless­ing a full term baby to the cou­ple.

Med­i­cal Re­search has taken great strides in the last three decades and there has been a tremen­dous and re­mark­able change in the tech­nol­ogy that is used. Should pa­tients be re­as­sured by th­ese de­vel­op­ments? Very much. From the start of fer­til­ity treat­ments till date, there have been sig­nif­i­cant de­vel­op­ments. Ad­vances in the clin­i­cal as well as em­bry­olog­i­cal fields have been phe­nom­e­nal. Fur­ther, there’s ex­ten­sive re­search hap­pen­ing to­wards de­vel­op­ing safer and less in­ten­sive med­i­ca­tions. Also, in the fu­ture, stem cell ther­apy may pro­vide suc­cor to women ex­pe­ri­enc­ing pre­ma­ture ovar­ian fail­ure, re­search on mak­ing im­plan­ta­tion more ef­fec­tive to im­prove preg­nancy rates

is un­der­way.

What are the most im­por­tant changes in tech­nol­ogy in the last few years? The tech­nolo­gies keep chang­ing from time to time. Ma­jor changes have oc­curred. Col­lec­tion method of egg, me­dia, reagents and equip­ments re­quired to grow egg, sperm and em­bryo. The tech­nique of fer­til­iza­tion, se­lec­tion and han­dling of the best sperm and egg is also rapidly chang­ing.

Do you be­lieve the suc­cess rate would im­prove in view of such changes? Def­i­nitely, there is no doubt about it. Ear­lier the suc­cess rate was a mere 10% to 15% , but now it is al­most 45% to 50%. All this is pos­si­ble be­cause of newer and bet­ter tech­nolo­gies and equip­ment. In fu­ture, we are sure th­ese will cer­tainly im­prove the preg­nancy rate of IVF.

You have re­cently ac­quired the Em­bryoscope which very few cen­tres can boast of. How does it help im­prove suc­cess? Em­bryoscope is an ad­vanced mirac­u­lous in­cu­ba­tor sys­tem for mon­i­tor­ing the em­bryo from the point of its fer­til­iza­tion to the mo­ment it is trans­ferred back to the uterus. Which makes it a pow­er­ful de­ci­sion mak­ing tool for em­bry­ol­o­gist help­ing a leap of 8-12% in suc­cess rates.

What is the big­gest hur­dle of mak­ing ART avail­able for the masses? It is our com­mon re­li­gious be­lief that a child is God’s gift. Peo­ple waste their im­por­tant re­pro­duc­tive time wait­ing for the same and when they de­cide - the suc­cess rate be­comes less than the fail­ure rate. The sec­ond is the price. Be­cause of the cost of ART treat­ment, a pa­tient al­ways feels un­com­fort­able be­cause they have to shell out the cost from their own pock­ets as there is no in­sur­ance cover. The third is the mis­con­cep­tion that IVF is some­thing not nat­u­ral and so peo­ple try to de­lay com­ing in for treat­ment.

Do you think the govern­ment should help in­fer­tile cou­ples? Yes, govern­ment should try to help in­fer­tile cou­ples. The govern­ment can re­duce the taxes to make it more af­ford­able for the com­mon man. The govern­ment can also en­cour­age and sup­port re­search in this area to make it bet­ter and more ef­fec­tive. One can imag­ine the num­ber of pa­tients in In­dia and many of them would not go for IVF be­cause of the cost. In In­dia not hav­ing a child is not merely a bi­o­log­i­cal prob­lem but an even big­ger so­cial prob­lem.

What spe­cial fa­cil­i­ties do you of­fer pa­tients seek­ing ART pro­ce­dures at Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal & Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre? Proper coun­sel­ing is the most im­por­tant thing any cen­tre can of­fer to a pa­tient be­cause, you have to re­ally in­volve the cou­ple in the de­tails, ex­plain to them in de­tail the bar­ri­ers they are likely to en­counter and the causes which are ham­per­ing their fer­til­ity and spell out the treat­ment op­tions to them. We share all re­sults, find­ings and progress with the pa­tient and not in­dulge in any se­crecy so that the pa­tient is aware as to where they stand and where do their prob­lems lie. We are pro­vid­ing all th­ese fa­cil­i­ties un­der one roof; it def­i­nitely helps in re­duc­ing the stress quo­tient of the pa­tient - Med­i­cal Fa­cil­i­ties, Non­med­i­cal Fa­cil­i­ties, Spa & holis­tic health Fa­cil­i­ties

Af­ter help­ing so many distressed cou­ples, how do you un­wind to take on an­other chal­leng­ing day? Hav­ing de­li­cious food, lis­ten­ing to good mu­sic and go­ing for long drives …and worth men­tion­ing – our weekly bol­ly­wood dance class.

ON MEM­O­RIES OF THEIR FIRST IVF BABY: As our cen­tre was the first IVF cen­tre in our city and it cre­ated a sen­sa­tion. We prayed to God that this preg­nancy should be un­event­ful till term and God an­swered our prayers by bless­ing a full term baby to the cou­ple.



It is a one − stop fa­cil­ity of­fer­ing a com­pre­hen­sive range of ser­vices for the man­age­ment of both male and fe­male fer­til­ity prob­lems. The med­i­cal ex­per­tise and mod­ern fa­cil­i­ties of Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal & Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre (A unit of Va­sund­hara Hos­pi­tal Ltd.) are equipped to sup­port the wide range of ser­vice & high risk Preg­nancy Man­age­ment. Cen­tre has 50 In­door Beds with air Con­di­tioned Rooms, Suites & Wards. Fully equipped De­liv­ery Room & Neo Na­tal Room to han­dle High Risk Ba­bies & four fully equipped Op­er­a­tion The­aters. Cen­tre has gained rep­u­ta­tion as a cen­tre of med­i­cal ex­cel­lence in the re­gion with the sup­port of Well-qual­i­fied & mo­ti­vated staff & states of the Art fa­cil­i­ties. Cen­tre has a well planned cafe­te­ria to cater in­door & out­door pa­tients. Pa­tient lounge, am­ple park­ing space & a well main­tained gar­den add com­fort to your stay in hos­pi­tal.

We have the best equipped fa­cili es and there­fore ex­cel­lent suc­cess rates




MS, Med­i­cal Di­rec­tor and In­fer­til­ity Spe­cial­ist

DR. RENU MAK­WANA MS, In­fer­til­ity Spe­cial­ist and Ob­ste­tri­cian

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