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Male In­fer­til­ity In about 40% of in­fer­tile cou­ples, the cause is traced to the man. Fe­male In­fer­til­ity In an­other 40% of cases, the woman is di­ag­nosed with a prob­lem. LAPAROSCOPOIC SURGERY HYS­TERO­SCOPIC SURGERY

Surgery for Blocked Fal­lop­ian Tubes La­paro­scopic surgery can re­move scar tis­sue in the re­pro­duc­tive tract and boost the odds of get­ting preg­nant for some women.


In­trauter­ine in­sem­i­na­tion (IUI) is a pop­u­lar op­tion for a wide range of fer­til­ity prob­lems. In this pro­ce­dure, the sperm is placed di­rectly into the woman's uterus while she is ovu­lat­ing. It is less ex­pen­sive and less in­va­sive than IVF, but preg­nancy rates are notably lower. IUI with Donor Sperm If the man has few healthy sperm, IUI can be done us­ing sperm from a donor. It may take sev­eral tries, but cu­mu­la­tive preg­nancy rates are over 80%. DIF­FER­ENT TYPE OF AS­SISTED RE­PRO­DUC­TIVE TECH­NOL­OGY (ART)

• IVF • IVF-ICSi • MESA • TESA • PESA • IMSI • IVF with Donor Eggs • IVF with Blas­to­cyst Trans­fer • Em­bryo Freez­ing / Egg Shar­ing / Egg Do­na­tion NAT­U­RAL WAYS TO BOOST FER­TIL­ITY

No mat­ter where you are in your quest to start a fam­ily, you can boost your fer­til­ity with a few life­style changes. If you smoke, quit. Smok­ing re­duces fer­til­ity and has a doc­u­mented im­pact on preg­nancy rates. Next, eat nu­tri­tious foods and ask your doc­tor about sup­ple­ments. Re­search sug­gests cer­tain vi­ta­mins and min­er­als can im­prove fer­til­ity in men and women.


• High Risk Preg­nancy • Ther­mal Bal­loon Ther­apy for men­or­rheagic pa­tient • Gy­nae­co­log­i­cal Surgery • Col­poscopy • Cys­toscopy • Gen­eral Surgery • Neona­tal Unit.

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