“the royal suite has fa­cil­i­ties for wa­ter de­liv­ery”

IVF India - - Chennai, Tamilnadu -


Prashanth Fer­til­ity Re­search Cen­tre, best of its kind houses lat­est ul­tra mod­ern fa­cil­i­ties and state-of-the-art equip­ment from all over the world. A highly mo­ti­vated and ded­i­cated mul­ti­dis­ci­plinary team of, well qual­i­fied doc­tors with vast ex­pe­ri­ence of work­ing in western hos­pi­tals, work to­gether to of­fer the best and ul­ti­mate in re­pro­duc­tion care. The cen­ter of­fers ex­cel­lent fa­cil­i­ties and well equipped in­fra­struc­ture for var­i­ous pro­ce­dures such as In­trauter­ine In­sem­i­na­tion (IUI), In-Vitro Fer­til­iza­tion (IVF), In­tra Cy­to­plas­mic Sperm In­jec­tion (ICSI), As­sisted Hatch­ing (AH), Blas­to­cyst Trans­fer, Sperm and Em­bryo Cry­op­reser­va­tion, and a well equipped An­drol­ogy Lab­o­ra­tory for di­ag­nos­tic and ther­a­peu­tic pur­poses. A fully equipped la­paro­scopic setup for min­i­mally in­va­sive surgery is also avail­able. The Donor Egg" and "Sur­ro­gacy" pro­gramme is one of our high­lights and more than 1,500 ba­bies have been de­liv­ered as on date. This Cen­tre has also ac­quired The Diode Laser for as­sisted em­bryo hatch­ing. Fa­cil­i­ties for ge­netic stud­ies such as "PreIm­plan­ta­tion Ge­netic Di­ag­no­sis and Pre-Na­tal Test­ing" for chro­mo­so­mal and ge­netic dis­or­ders are also avail­able. We have de­liv­ered 129 baby through the Sur­ro­gacy Pro­gramme.


The lab­o­ra­tory is fully equipped with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy with du­pli­ca­tion of all lab­o­ra­tory equip­ments, so that there is an ef­fec­tive back up sys­tem. Our clin­i­cal team in­cludes in-house em­bry­ol­o­gists trained by SIVF Sci­en­tists, who will be in­volved in all pro­ce­dures. We also have con­sul­tant Em­bry­ol­o­gists from Aus­tralia. We per­form rou­tine qual­ity con­trol as­says to en­sure high per­for­mance.

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