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GO­RAKH­PUR is one of the most mod­ern hos­pi­tals of eastern UP started in the year 1988. Since then it be­lieves that med­i­cal ex­cel­lence re­quires both sci­en­tific ex­per­tise and re­spect for the pa­tient as an in­di­vid­ual. This sim­ple idea has im­merge as a long tra­di­tion of ex­cel­lence in meet­ing the to­tal med­i­cal needs of our pa­tients; from new­borns to the very old; from preven­tive medicine to life sav­ing emer­gency care. As a ma­jor health cen­ter, Star hos­pi­tal is the place where med­i­cal break­throughs and ad­vances are com­mon. De­part­ing from tra­di­tional hos­pi­tal de­sign, Star Hos­pi­tal com­bines tech­no­log­i­cal break­throughs with new in­sights into the psy­cho­log­i­cal as­pect of hu­man care. Here the most ad­vanced sci­en­tific tools for di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment join an up­lift­ing am­biance to keep pa­tients spir­its bright and pro­mote heal­ing. Star hos­pi­tal is a 110 bed­ded hos­pi­tal with mul­ti­ple spe­cial­i­ties and a med­i­cal staff of nearly 20 physi­cians and sur­geons.

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