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Se­men Anal­y­sis

Se­men Cul­ture


Test of Hor­mone in Blood Ul­tra­sound

EB (En­dome­trial Biopsy)

X-ray (Hys­teros­alp­in­go­graph) Sonos­alp­in­gog­ra­phy Colour Do­pler ul­tra­sound

TREAT­MENT OP­TIONS La­paroscopy and Hys­teroscopy This test re­veals the size and func­tion­ing of uterus which can not be done be done with the help of other meth­ods such as ul­tra­sound, and x-ray etc. This tech­nique also cures many dis­eases such as knot in uterus, Hy­dros­alpinx, En­dometrio­sis etc. This helps the re­cent preg­nancy of the fe­males.

IUI-In­tra Uter­ine In­sem­i­na­tion This tech­nique is use­ful for those child­less cou­ples in which the sperm quan­tity and motil­ity are less and the fe­male’s tubes are blocked. In this, the qual­ity of eggs in­crease with the help of medicines and in­jec­tions and are seen by the ul­tra­sound. At the fixed time the male sperms are cleaned with the chem­i­cals and in­serted in to the fe­male’s uterus. This process is done one to two times in a month. In this process the suc­cess is 10 to 15 per­cent.

IVF - In Vitro Fer­til­iza­tion This is a re­cent tech­nique in which the male’s sperm and fe­male’s eggs are taken in to an em­bry­ol­ogy lab in a con­trolled con­di­tion. In This tech­nique the eggs qual­ity of ovary are in­creased by the medicines and in­jec­tion and their eggs are picked out from fe­male’s ovary in anes­thetic con­di­tion and an­dare met (in­sem­i­nate) with the

best sperm of males. Af­ter two to three days em­bryos are formed which are trans­formed in to the uterus. The re­sults are find out af­ter ten to fif­teen days. In this tech­nique those fe­males are ben­e­fit­ted whose tubes are blocked due to any rea­son. In this con­di­tion the nat­u­ral em­bryo de­velop by con­tin­u­ous process. In this con­di­tion 35-45 suc­cess are ac­quired.

ICSI - In­tra­cy­to­plas­mic Sperm In­jec­tion

In this process the most ef­fec­tive male sperms are in­jected the most ef­fec­tive male sperms are in­jected in to the eggs. In this tech­nique the less motile sperms are met (In­ject) with the eggs, which are not oc­cur in the IVF. In this con­di­tion the abil­ity of em­bryo for­ma­tion in­creases and all the con­di­tions are as such I.V.F. In this tech­nique (process) 6070% suc­cesses oc­curs.

Sur­ro­gacy Sur­ro­gacy is when an­other woman car­ries and gives birth to a baby for the cou­ple who want to have a child. Sur­ro­gacy may be ap­pro­pri­ate if you have a med­i­cal con­di­tion that makes it im­pos­si­ble or danger­ous to get preg­nant and to give birth. The type of med­i­cal con­di­tions that might make sur­ro­gacy nec­es­sary for you in­clude: • ab­sence or mal­for­ma­tion of the womb • re­cur­rent preg­nancy loss • re­peated in vitro fer­til­i­sa­tion (IVF) im­plan­ta­tion fail­ures.

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