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DGO, MD, FICOG, FIAMS Dr. So­nia Ma­lik is a renowned IVF spe­cial­ist prac­tic­ing in the National Cap­i­tal Re­gion, In­dia. She is the Founder & Di­rec­tor of the IVF cen­tre brand - Southend Fer­til­ity & IVF. She earned her MBBS & MD de­grees from Ma­har­ishi Dayanand Univer­sity, Ro­htak in the years 1973 & 1979 re­spec­tively. She was al­ways in­trigued by chal­lenges of con­cep­tion since her col­lege years & much of her ca­reer has fo­cused on find­ing so­lu­tions to the same. With grow­ing in­ter­est in mod­ern im­munol­ogy and en­docrinol­ogy, she went for an ob­server­ship in IVF to the Alta Bates Cen­tre Cal­i­for­nia, USA un­der Dr Chet­skowasky in 1996 and 1998. She be­came one of the first trained IVF pro­fes­sion­als in the coun­try. She founded her first IVF cen­tre in 2001 and is now suc­cess­fully run­ning two in­de­pen­dent units along with many lab­based ser­vices for Hos­pi­tals. She is also a pi­o­neer in the work to­wards un­der­stand­ing Gen­i­tal Tu­ber­cu­lo­sis and presently is a key re­source per­son in the coun­try for the dis­ease and its cure. She is a mem­ber of the task force for re­search in Gen­i­tal Tu­ber­cu­lo­sis at the In­dian Coun­cil of Med­i­cal Re­search and is cur­rently in the process of part­ner­ing with the govern­ment for the same.


DI­REC­TOR & H.O.D (ANAES­THE­SIA) Dr Av­tar Krishan, is a se­nior Anes­the­si­ol­o­gist bring­ing with him over 20 years of ex­pe­ri­ence. Af­ter com­ple­tion of his MD from Ro­htak Med­i­cal Col­lege, he joined Moolc­hand Hos­pi­tal, New Delhi. How­ever soon enough he re­ceived the op­por­tu­nity to join the Ira­nian health ser­vices. He grew from be­ing a Con­sul­tant to Head of the Depart­ment. With eight suc­cess­ful years of prac­tice, he re­turned back & started his own pri­vate prac­tice. Work­ing with al­most all em­i­nent hos­pi­tals in South Delhi he be­came a sought af­ter Anes­the­si­ol­o­gist by all. In 2001 along with his friend & col­league, Dr. So­nia Ma­lik, he founded Southend Fer­til­ity IVF cen­tre.


MD, Sr. Con­sul­tant Gy­nae & IVF Dr. Bha­tia grad­u­ated from Govt Med­i­cal Col­lege Pa­tiala, Pun­jab (1989 – 1994). She did her post grad­u­a­tion in Ob­stet­rics & Gy­nae­col­ogy from Dayanand Med­i­cal Col­lege, Lud­hi­ana, Pun­jab (1996-1998). She worked with the Govt of Pun­jab from 1999-2001 as a gy­nae­col­o­gist & then did her se­nior res­i­dency in gy­nae­col­ogy from P.G.I, Chandi­garh. She has been with Southend Fer­til­ity & IVF Cen­tre since early 2008.


Dr VED PRAKASH is the se­nior con­sul­tant em­bry­ol­ogy & IVF lab at the South End Fer­til­ity & IVF Cen­ter. He did his train­ing in Clin­i­cal An­drol­ogy un­der Dr K R Sharma (An­drol­o­gist) Ra­jasthan in 1998. He has a lot of in­ter­est in Em­bry­ol­ogy & An­drol­ogy & a rich work­ing ex­pe­ri­ence in SOUTHEND FER­TIL­ITY & IVF CEN­TER for the last 16 yrs. He is an ex­pert in pro­vid­ing Clin­i­cal Coun­sel­ing for Sex­ual Prob­lems & In­fer­til­ity. Dr. Ved Prakash is trained for in­tra­cav­er­nosal in­jec­tion for Erec­tile Dys­func­tion. He has been do­ing sperm prepa­ra­tions for IUI & IVF/ ICSI cases suc­cess­fully, while per­form­ing the high end & lat­est tech­nolo­gies like IVF & ICSI, TESA and PESA in case of Azoosper­mia. He has had the op­por­tu­nity to ob­serve and as­sist in more than 1000 IVF& ICSI cy­cles in the ART Cen­tre, Army R & R Hos­pi­tal, Delhi. He un­der­went National Level Train­ing Pro­gramme in IVF and Em­bryo Co-Cul­ture at Tamil­nadu Univer­sity. Dr Ved Prakash did his Train­ing in IVF and ICSI un­der the renowned Dr Ethi­raj Balaji in An­drol­ogy & IVF lab, K K Women’s & Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal, Sin­ga­pore (2007). He pur­sued his Ad­vanced IVF/ ICSI & Biopsy train­ing at AZ VU Brus­sels, (Bel­gium) in 2010.


Southend Fer­til­ity and IVF of­fers a com­pre­hen­sive in­fer­til­ity man­age­ment pro­gramme un­der one roof to cou­ples who find prob­lems in hav­ing a child. This cen­tre was started in 2001 and has per­formed con­sis­tently well since then. We boast of com­plete trans­parency in treat­ment, com­pas­sion­ate staff, lively en­vi­ron­ment and promis­ing re­sults. Pa­tients who come back to us af­ter failed cy­cles are a re­flec­tion of con­fi­dence and sat­is­fac­tion in our mode of treat­ment. Our phi­los­o­phy is to an­a­lyze pa­tient prob­lems and of­fer the most ap­pro­pri­ate ther­apy – 30 – 40% of the pa­tients there­fore do not un­dergo IVF in our cen­tre. This is con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief that pa­tients are al­ways made to un­dergo IVF in a fa­cil­ity such as ours! The cen­tre to­day is a per­fect blend of aca­demics and eth­i­cal clin­i­cal prac­tice. It has be­come pop­u­lar amongst the med­i­cal fra­ter­nity for train­ing in in­fer­til­ity man­age­ment. Our aca­demic achieve­ments have been ap­plauded in­ter­na­tion­ally giv­ing us the honor of be­ing re­search col­lab­o­ra­tors with the pres­ti­gious Re­pro­duc­tive Re­search Cen­tre of the Cleve­land Clinic, USA since 2008. It is our en­deav­our to help cou­ples in de­ci­sion mak­ing, make treat­ment as cost ef­fec­tive as pos­si­ble for them and ad­vise them to choose other op­tions when suc­cess­ful treat­ment is un­likely. We wel­come you to our fa­cil­ity, stand com­mit­ted to you and hope you shall en­joy your ex­pe­ri­ence with us.


We wel­come all cou­ples from dif­fer­ent back­grounds seek­ing so­lu­tions for their in­fer­til­ity and de­sirous of build­ing fam­i­lies. Our pa­tients in­clude mar­ried cou­ples as well as sin­gle women and men de­sir­ing a fam­ily. In ad­di­tion to in­di­vid­u­als with in­fer­til­ity, our pa­tients also in­clude women with re­cur­rent preg­nancy loss. We tai­lor the so­cial and clin­i­cal eval­u­a­tion to each in­di­vid­ual sit­u­a­tion. Most dis­eases that cause in­fer­til­ity in the fe­males can be iden­ti­fied and treated. At Southend Fer­til­ity, it is our en­deav­our to help our pa­tients to the ut­most by pro­vid­ing them suit­able and cost ef­fec­tive forms of treat­ment. How­ever, on rare oc­ca­sions we might ad­vise against con­cep­tion in women whose life-threat­en­ing dis­eases could be ag­gra­vated by preg­nancy and de­liv­ery for in­stance can­cer, se­vere hy­per­ten­sion and some au­toim­mune dis­eases. In th­ese un­usual cir­cum­stances ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gacy may be an ac­cept­able ap­proach. Our ef­fi­cient third party pro­gramme al­lows our pa­tients to opt for donor eggs, sperms em­bryos or even se­lect a ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gate. This fam­ily build­ing op­tion helps many pa­tients who are ei­ther un­able to pro­duce their own ga­metes or have a prob­lem with their uterus. We do not en­cour­age women to opt for sur­ro­gacy merely be­cause they have no time to pro­duce a child! Iden­ti­fy­ing each pa­tient’s spe­cific prob­lem and find­ing a suit­able so­lu­tion is the ma­jor goal of the ini­tial eval­u­a­tion at Southend. Some of our pa­tients come with a pre­con­ceived no­tion of how they wish to be treated. Oth­ers wisely de­fer this de­ci­sion un­til their eval­u­a­tion is com­plete so that we can clearly define their prob­lem and of­fer op­tions. We un­der­stand that it is a de­sire and not a dis­ease that brings you to us. We stand com­mited in en­sur­ing the de­light of par­ent­hood to you!


Southend Fer­til­ity & IVF of­fers a bou­quet of five pro­grammes:







ART, an acro­nym used for “as­sisted re­pro­duc­tive tech­nol­ogy” con­sists of a com­pre­hen­sive pro­gramme that is of­fered to cou­ples who are un­able to con­ceive nat­u­rally. As­sis­tance can be given to both men and women de­pend­ing on the cause of in­fer­til­ity. In­fer­til­ity man­age­ment in­volves de­tailed in­ves­ti­ga­tions to reach a log­i­cal di­ag­no­sis and then spe­cific treat­ment. Southend Fer­til­ity & IVF of­fers a com­pre­hen­sive in­fer­til­ity man­age­ment / ART Pro­gramme to all pa­tients. Our fa­cil­ity of­fers a state of the art lab­o­ra­tory and a team of ded­i­cated clin­i­cians and em­bry­ol­o­gists to help you over­come your prob­lem. The var­i­ous treat­ments/ ser­vices of­fered by us are : IUI, IVF, ICSI and IMSI, TESA, Cry­op­reser­va­tion of ga­metes and em­bryos, Third party re­pro­duc­tion.

MALE IN­FER­TIL­ITY PRO­GRAMME: Women have been al­ways con­sid­ered to be re­spon­si­ble for pro­cre­ation. If any­thing was amiss it was al­ways the woman who was o be blamed. All re­search fo­cused around the de­vel­op­ment of med­i­ca­tion and tech­nol­ogy in fe­male in­fer­til­ity. While such in­no­va­tions im­proved suc­cess­ful in fe­male in­fer­til­ity no at­ten­tion was be­ing given to the male coun­ter­part. How­ever, the last cen­tury saw rapid ad­vances in the man­age­ment of the in­fer­tile male both in di­ag­nos­tics and treat­ment. WHO gave guide­lines for a proper se­men ex­am­i­na­tion and based on that treat­ment is de­cided. At Southend we have a ro­bust male in­fer­til­ity pro­gramme wherein we of­fer not only the stan­dard test­ing pro­ce­dures like se­men anal­y­sis but also spe­cial tests to de­ter­mine the fer­til­iz­ing po­ten­tial and qual­ity of the sperm. This is called the DNA Frag­men­ta­tion test. Oc­ca­sion­ally we find that all sperms in a sam­ple are non – motile but we are not sure of its vi­a­bil­ity. In such cases we carry out the HOS test. In pa­tients who are azoosper­mic on test­ing, we of­fer tes­tic­u­lar fine nee­dle as­pi­ra­tion. If this too does not show sperms in the sam­ple, we pro­ceed to a tes­tic­u­lar biopsy. The sam­ple is checked for sperms and if pos­i­tive, it is frozen or cry­op­re­served till the wife is read­ied for ICSI. Men who have mild male fac­tor in­fer­til­ity, can be of­fered IUI but those that have weak sperms are treated by ei­ther IVF or ICSI and re­cently IMSI.

RE­CUR­RENT PREG­NANCY LOSS PRO­GRAMME: At Southend we run a very pos­i­tive RPL pro­gramme. We are the first in the coun­try to dis­cover and pro­mote the fact that RPL may be caused by chronic in­fec­tions like gen­i­tal tu­ber­cu­lo­sis! We also dis­cov­ered that a ma­jor­ity of re­cur­rent fail­ures whether at im­plan­ta­tion or later preg­nancy is due to an im­paired blood cir­cu­la­tion within the pelvis es­pe­cially the uterus. The cause for this may vary. At Southend, we carry out all tests to rule out the cause of RPL and ac­cord­ingly treat the pa­tient. In case the pa­tient has a ge­netic cause, the pa­tient and her hus­band are in­formed re­gard­ing the de­fect and coun­seled re­gard­ing fu­ture im­pli­ca­tions. En­docrinal causes like PCOS can also be the rea­son and needs to be tack­led by tak­ing in­sulin low­er­ing med­i­ca­tion.

We are proud to in­form that 80% of such cases are ben­e­fited.


Third party re­pro­duc­tion refers to the use of oocytes, sperm, em­bryos or uterus that has been pro­vided to a cou­ple/sin­gle in­di­vid­ual (called in­tended par­ents) by a third per­son (donor) in or­der to help them/him or her to be­come a par­ent. Ac­cord­ing to the present In­dian guide­lines on ART drafted by the ICMR, all donors ex­cept the sur­ro­gate need to be anony­mous to the com­mis­sion­ing cou­ples. The ICMR guide­lines also state that this ac­tiv­ity of sup­ply­ing var­i­ous ga­metes and sur­ro­gates will not be car­ried out by the IVF cen­tre but sep­a­rate en­ti­ties called ART Banks. All the le­gal is­sues are also the re­spon­si­bil­ity of th­ese banks. Once the re­quire­ment is ful­filled, it is our duty and re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­sure the med­i­cal fit­ness of the donor. Af­ter ful­fill­ing the var­i­ous for­mal­i­ties the cou­ple and their donor/sur­ro­gate is taken into the third party pro­gramme. We at Southend ad­here to th­ese guide­lines even though a for­mal law is still to come into force. This brings trans­parency to our sys­tem and en­sures the con­fi­dence of our pa­tients. WHO NEEDS OOCYTE DO­NA­TION? • Women with­out ovaries • Women with pre­ma­ture ovar­ian fail­ure • Women with can­cer of the re­pro­duc­tive sys­tem • Post menopausal women de­sir­ing a baby • Sin­gle men & gays Southend Fer­til­ity and IVF runs a suc­cess­ful, cost ef­fec­tive and very prac­ti­cal oocyte do­na­tion pro­gramme.

Our Strengths:

• Very high suc­cess rates – 70 – 80%

• Per­son­ally se­lected donors.

• Strin­gent donor screen­ing.


Sperm do­na­tion or ar­ti­fi­cial in­sem­i­na­tion with donor sperms as it is called is a tech­nique that has been used since the nine­teenth cen­tury. The process how­ever has been re­fined down the ages, With the in­tro­duc­tion of ICSI and IMSI as op­tional male in­fer­til­ity treat­ments, it is pri­mar­ily of­fered to pa­tients who can­not af­ford ex­pen­sive treat­ment of where the male is in­ca­pable of pro­duc­ing sperms at all.

Who needs sperm do­na­tion?

• Azoosper­mia or no sperms at all.

• Se­verely sub­nor­mal se­men pa­ram­e­ters

• Per­sis­tent fail­ure at IVF/ICSI

• Hered­i­tary dis­or­der

• Sin­gle woman & les­bians

Pre-tested pre­pared sam­ples are pro­vided by the ART banks as spec­i­fied ear­lier.


Many times both the part­ners are in­ca­pable of pro­duc­ing ga­metes but they wish to have the baby them­selves rather than adopt­ing one due to so­ci­etal pres­sure. Such cou­ples can be of­fered the op­tion of em­byo do­na­tion. At Southend , we craft em­bryos spe­cially for such cou­ples – tak­ing both oocyte donors and sperm donors. Thus, cou­ples have no fear of any le­gal im­pli­ca­tion in such preg­nan­cies.


A sur­ro­gate is a woman who car­ries a preg­nancy for an­other cou­ple or woman. There are two types of sur­ro­gacy ar­range­ments:

• Tra­di­tional sur­ro­gacy in which the sur­ro­gate is in­sem­i­nated with sperm from the male part­ner of the in­tended par­ent cou­ple (donor sperm may be used as well) and

• Ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gacy in which the sur­ro­gate car­ries a preg­nancy cre­ated by trans­fer­ring an em­bryo cre­ated with the sperm and egg of the in­tended par­ents (donor sperm or donor eggs may be used as well). This is also called IVF sur­ro­gacy. Ma­jor­ity of sur­ro­gacy prac­ticed in In­dia is ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gacy. Sur­ro­gacy is an in­volved process with many steps. Sur­ro­gates are sup­plied by the ART bank, they then un­dergo rig­or­ous test­ing for med­i­cal fit­ness. Once the com­mis­sion­ing process is over, the cy­cles of the com­mis­sion­ing lady and the sur­ro­gate are matched and uter­ine lin­ing is pre­pared. Em­bryos are trans­ferred into her when she is ready.


Southend Fer­til­ity & IVF also of­fers vi­able op­tions to cou­ples who wish to un­dergo IVF in In­dia. The cen­tre of­fers af­ford­able ART op­tions us­ing own ga­metes as well as third party op­tions to th­ese cou­ples. We ad­vise over­seas pa­tients to con­tact us well in ad­vance be­fore their planned travel so that we can or­ga­nize their treat­ment for them.

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