Chem­i­cal At­tacks on Syria: This Chem­istry Turned Out Wrong

Libertatem Magazine - - Front Page - By Shresth Vard­han

The spine-chill­ing chem­i­cal at­tack ear­lier this April, that left Syria dead in scores was a gross in­fringe­ment of the in­ter­na­tional law as well as an in­tense show of re­cal­ci­trance to the world lead­ers. This dis­turb­ing at­tack showed no less than 100 civil­ians the fate of death in Syria’s re­volted area of Idlib and left an­other 400 ex­pe­ri­enc­ing res­pi­ra­tory is­sues. There were some ex­as­per­at­ing pic­tures and videos that ran through the coursed of the so­cial me­dia and net­work­ing sites demon­strat­ing ca­su­al­ties with froth around their mouth, and naked kids squirm­ing on the floor. The al­leged at­tack was ac­cepted to be pur­ported by the Syr­ian govern­ment air­crafts dis­rupt­ing ou­trage and shock over the con­stantly ex­pand­ing govern­ment shown in the six year war. The pop­u­la­tion of Idlib has ex­panded, with a huge num­ber of peo­ple and fight­ers car­ried out of the Aleppo city and Da­m­as­cus that the Syr­ian govern­ment has re­taken in the re­cent times. The at­tack in Ghouta close to Da­m­as­cus on 21 Au­gust, 2013 is viewed as the first ma­jor and the most deadly chem­i­cal at­tack since Sad­dam

Hus­sein gassed the Iraqi Kurds in 1988 slay­ing a huge num­ber of peo­ple. As­sad at that time negated all the al­le­ga­tions and claimed him­self to be blame­less, how­ever he failed to furnish any co­gent or con­vinc­ing in­ci­den­tal proof and thereby failed to es­tab­lish any an­other per­suad­ing hy­poth­e­sis. Nev­er­the­less, As­sad de­clines to move and his star part­ner in Moscow has up­held him to the han­dle against the ag­i­ta­tors and this in­deed hints no change. This at­tracted a broad con­dem­na­tion, how­ever the world com­mu­nity’s reaction led only a short lived de­pend­able im­pact against As­sad’s bar­bar­i­ties. U.S.A and Rus­sia con­cluded an ar­range­ment soon there­after to crush Syria’s chem­i­cal weapons. In this way, the UNSC’S res­o­lu­tions look­ing to con­sider the per­pe­tra­tors in Syria re­spon­si­ble have been ve­toed by China and Rus­sia.

Wit­nesses to this at­tack re­ported that the Syr­ian war­planes bombed Khan Sheikhoun, around 50kms south of Idlib, when al­most every­one was sleep­ing. One of the wit­ness stated that, “The blast sent a yel­low mush­room cloud into the air that stung her eyes.” It re­sem­bled a win­ter haze. The source to this is yet not clear, but rather it is pre­sumed that the war­planes had fo­cused on clin­ics and the Syria Civil De­fense head­quar­ters. As per some of the doc­tors and the spe­cial­ists, nerve agent Sarin, known as iso­propyl methy­phos­pho­nic acid, had been traced in the blood of the vic­tims. Hun­dreds of peo­ple showed symp­toms in con­form­ity to Sarin af­ter what the West said was a Syr­ian govern­ment air strike on the re­gion. De­spite of all this, the Syr­ian Pres­i­dent Bashar al-as­sad claims that the whole episode was con­cocted with­out any proof. The same author­ity which re­pu­di­ated the weapons about four years back af­ter an ex­pan­sive chem­i­cal at­tack which was steered by its forces, de­nied that the mil­i­tary had been ca­pa­ble, as he has each and ev­ery time when chem­i­cal weapons have been uti­lized as a part of Syria. Syr­ian mil­i­tary have tar­geted in­sur­gents for obli­ga­tion and said they had blamed the armed force for uti­liz­ing lethal wea­pos each time they ne­glect to ac­com­plish the ob­jec­tives of their sup­port­ers. The mil­i­tary has like­wise de­nied any charges that the govern­ment had used weapons, re­ject­ing the records as re­volt pro­pa­ganda. The min­istry in Syria said that the chem­i­cal weapons had ad­di­tion­ally been used amid the last phases of the fight for con­trol of the city of Aleppo, draw­ing that the side ef­fects of the ca­su­al­ties were es­sen­tially the same. US agen­cies are as­sertive re­gard­ing the fact that the Syr­ian govern­ment struck Khan Sheikhoun as a re­tal­i­a­tion of a re­volt in the Hama prov­ince. They like­wise are of the view that As­sad’s govern­ment is in charge of this ex­traor­di­nar­ily grotesque in­ci­dent, and have there­fore is­sued fu­ri­ous con­dem­na­tions. French agen­cies have re­port­edly said that Syria is not sure to have the abil­ity to uti­lize a neu­ro­toxic agent, or the air force that is re­quired for such an at­tack. Sim­i­larly, a re­port of the Hu­man Rights Watch, pro­vides that the phys­i­cal re­main­ders of the weapon used, and the medic­i­nal side ef­fects shown by the ca­su­al­ties as recorded by the doc­tors and the staff, goes to show that it was a state-sup­ported at­tack. This ghastly oc­cur­rence was no for­tu­itous event as the as­sault ad­di­tion­ally hosed the peace talks that were taken by the United Na­tions in Geneva and by Rus­sia and Turkey in As­tana, Kaza­khstan. This is a piece of a more ex­ten­sive ex­am­ple we’ve seen all through the Syr­ian govern­ment be­ing will­ing to adopt any tech­nique of war­fare for the pur­pose of fight­ing against their own kin. The con­tin­u­ing fail­ure and in­abil­ity at the in­ter­na­tional level to ad­e­quately ad­dress As­sad’s atroc­i­ties and to up­hold puni­tive and cor­rec­tional ac­tions has made a cul­ture of ex­emp­tion in Syria. In­ci­dents like these will con­tinue to pre­cede the length where there is no eq­uity and re­spon­si­bil­ity. We’re cur­rently into the sev­enth year of this con­tention, and there has been no con­crete reaction to the trans­gres­sions we’re see­ing ev­ery day for quite a while. I think Syria is aware of that fact, and they are es­sen­tially push­ing the lim­its. I wish to hold the view that this was in­tended to be some sort of a mes­sage to the EU, by the Syr­ian govern­ment that they won’t of­fer any bar­gains, and if there is any­thing to be done in Syria, that would be solely based on its terms. These death tolls are an in­di­ca­tion of the knot­ti­ness of the bat­tle against ISIS, which is yet the agenda of the western mil­i­tary. Every­one should ad­here to their obli­ga­tions not­with­stand­ing such bar­baric ac­tiv­i­ties that dis­tort the in­ter­na­tional peace and se­cu­rity. Western­ers must col­lab­o­rate with a per­plex­ing in­ter­wo­ven of com­bat­ing groups who have ad­vanced train­ing. One ought to en­dure as a top pri­or­ity that if the rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies com­mit the at­tack, then the U.S. could re­ally make a move con­sid­er­ing Amer­ica and its partners ef­fec­tively bol­ster them. Pulling back sup­port from them would give a fall back to their strate­gies and would add to Syria’s well­be­ing and se­cu­rity. That is not the point of, how­ever, rea­son be­ing from the razzmatazz that the me­dia is of­fer­ing it is not dif­fi­cult to con­clude that me­dia’s de­fin­i­tive and most cru­cial fo­cus on this story is to col­lect sup­port for fur­ther war and slaugh­ter in the Mid­dle East and noth­ing less of it.

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