The De­plorable Ve­rac­ity of Lalu and Scams (Scam­ming the Na­tion Since 1990)

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Ours is a coun­try where free­dom fight­ers and framers of Mod­ern In­dia, both are treated as Gods, but their virtues should also be put to the same sanc­tity. there are quite a few il­lus­tra­tions for the same. The pil­lars of our pre­am­ble; sovereignty be­ing turned to noth­ing more than a group of oli­garchs who work on the ba­sis of self-in­ter­est; so­cial­ism, which is left on pa­pers to jus­tify false prom­ises; sec­u­lar­ity in caste pol­i­tics and com­mu­nal riots turn­ing it into sec­u­lar, Demo­cratic repub­li­can sys­tem in the peo­ple’s un­aware­ness about their power and tol­er­ance to­wards the cru­elty by the govern­ment and their scams.

When it comes to pol­i­tics one of the brim­ming per­son­al­i­ties in the list of politi­cians is Mr. Lalu Prasad Ya­dav. Many ac­cu­sa­tions have been made about him, cit­ing him as a pro­mo­tor mis­de­meanour and ‘Gunda Raj’ in Bi­har. This is cap­tured in blaz­ing prose by Sankar­shan Thakur: “What do we say of Bi­har? What do we say of a state it­self so punched and blown, it is not even sup­posed to feel pain? What do we say of a state so in­ured to wretched­ness it re­fuses now to con­vey it or com­plain? ... Yeh Bi­har hai. Ya­han sub kuchh chalta hai.”

We have al­ways had lead­ers with dif­fer­ing ide­olo­gies and modus operandi (a spe­cific way of do­ing some­thing) in our sys­tem, as Ma­hatma Gandhi and Sub­hash Chan­dra Bose stood at op­po­sites ends when it came to ideas, but the mo­ment Bose gave Gandhi the ti­tle of “Fa­ther of the na­tion”, Ma­hatma Gandhi ti­tled him as “Ne­taji”. Yet we see no such fra­ter­nity, all we see is cut throat com­pe­ti­tion for power, fame and money.

Nepo­tism and The Lara Scam

Lalu Ji’s nepo­tism is no big se­cret in the coun­try, in fact it is more like an open book to the whole na­tion. When he re­alises that he can’t fight elec­tions in the light of his con­vic­tion in the Fod­der Scam, he pro­cures means to keep power to him by sim­ply mak­ing his wife and chil­dren fight elec­tions where the real power is ex­er­cised by him. Re­cently, it has been un­veiled that Rashtriya Janata Dal’s chief Lalu Prasad Ya­dav and his min­is­ter-son Tej Pratap Ya­dav had their hands dirty in a soil pur­chase scam, sup­pos­edly worth INR90 Lakhs. it was af­ter the al­le­ga­tion made by the op­po­si­tion BJP, claim­ing it to be a scam ac­tu­ally worth INR 700 crores and also call­ing it a ’con­flict of in­ter­est’, the RJD came un­der fire. The al­le­ga­tions in­cluded were re­gard­ing laun­der­ing of black money by the RJD min­is­ter through his shell com­pany named De­light Marketing Pvt. Ltd. which Tej Pratap and other mem­bers of Lalu Ya­dav’s fam­ily were made direc­tors of. shell com­pa­nies are the ones which are mainly non-trad­ing cor­po­rate en­ti­ties, are in­ac­tive when it comes to busi­ness op­er­a­tions and in­signif­i­cant as­sets. And all in all, are just used as a ve­hi­cle for var­i­ous fi­nan­cial ma­noeu­vres. The ul­ti­mate pur­pose be­hind this con­cept is to avoid taxes with­out at­tract­ing any kind of le­gal at­ten­tion. The scam, named “Lara Scam”, is named af­ter Lalu Ya­dav and his wife Rabri Devi, by tak­ing pre­fix from their names. Ac­cord­ing to the con­tro­versy, Lalu Ya­dav’s elder son Tej Pratap Ya­dav vi­o­lated the ten­der rules by sell­ing soil worth INR 90 Lakhs from a mall which is un­der con­struc­tion. This mall is be­ing built on a land owned by his fam­ily. Doc­u­ments as ev­i­dence have also been brought into pic­ture, claim­ing Rabri devi and both his min­is­ter sons as partners in De­light Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Bi­har BJP has al­leged that one of the innkeep­ers had given a piece of land to Lalu worth INR 100 crores, e in re­turn for rail­way ho­tels. BJP claims that Lalu was given this piece of land dur­ing his ten­ure as the Rail­way Min­is­ter of Bi­har i.e. a pe­riod rang­ing from 2004-2009. Lalu on the other hand bla­tantly de­nied such al­le­ga­tions and coun­tered by claim­ing, that the rail­way ho­tels in Ranchi and Puri were al­lot­ted to the hote­lier dur­ing Atal Bi­hari Vajpayee’s ten­ure as the Prime Min­is­ter of In­dia, be­tween 1998 & 2004.

The Fod­der Scam

it’s been around 21 years, but the ghost of Fod­der scam case has stirred up from time to time, haunt­ing Lalu Ya­dav spo­rad­i­cally. tech­ni­cally the case talks about the large-scale pil­fer­age of funds by the Bi­har govt, fabri­cat­ing forged bills for authen­ti­ca­tion of the pay­ments which were never even made. The scam, pop­u­larly is also known as “Chaara Gho­tala”, which in­volved fraud­u­lent trans­ac­tions made in the name of procur­ing cat­tle-feed over a pe­riod of 20 years, un­der suc­ces­sive regimes. Who would have imag­ined that such petty forg­eries and nu­mer­ous fraud­u­lent trans­ac­tions on small scale, would go on to be­come a INR 100 crore scam, un­seat­ing an reign­ing chief min­is­ter? Even­tu­ally, these small-scale forged trans­ac­tions flour­ished over the course of years, and snow­balled into a whop­ping­inr 945-crore scam. This scam was first sniffed out in 1985 by the then Comptroller and Au­di­tor Gen­eral of In­dia TN Chaturvedi. It was when he no­ticed a con­sis­tent de­lay in the monthly ac­counts sub­mis­sion from Bi­har Trea­sury. This brings us to his con­vic­tion for 6 years re­gard­ing the very same case. there is a se­ri­ous need to upon this case be­cause the scam took place in 1994 and the con­vic­tion process be­gan ex­actly 10 years af­ter that. Why a Gap of 10years? is our ju­di­ciary so weak and small, that it is not able to stand tall and strong against a min­is­ter? That is the ques­tion upon which we all need to pon­der. It also sheds light upon the pen­dency of cases and de­lay in judge­ments caused due to it. The “great” Bi­har al­liance also needs to think/con­tem­plate that whether Mr. Nitesh can ex­plain how a gang­ster threaten so many peo­ple of a riot if his de­mands are not met? Whether can he even con­tinue to gov­ern with such a party? And if this is all false, then can Mr. Ni­tish come out in the open and say that Lalu does not sup­port a Crim­i­nal named Sha­habud­din even af­ter hear­ing the call record­ing for the same? Why do peo­ple of his con­stituency blindly sup­port him de­spite his con­vic­tion and so many al­le­ga­tions of cor­rup­tion against him? The first pos­si­ble rea­son could be that Mr. Ya­dav is widely known for his caste and com­mu­nal pol­i­tics. He is also be­hind a caste com­bi­na­tion which he calls by the acro­nym RMY (Ra­jput, Mus­lim, Ya­dav) peo­ple be­long­ing to which join his party and work as pub­lic pleasers and con­cur­rently he tries to ben­e­fit them

wher­ever pos­si­ble, and also pro­vides them with all kinds of ex­emp­tions for their wrong­do­ings. use of muscle power and booth cap­tur­ing dur­ing elec­toral vot­ing be­comes the sec­ond rea­son for the same. and the third and the fi­nal rea­son for the same be­ing that, not every­one but a cer­tain sec­tion of so­ci­ety is cor­rupt. We are all on a sale of­fer in to­day’s sce­nario it’s just a mat­ter of ‘Paisa phek ta­masha dekh’.

if we trace back the ori­gin of Lalu Prasad as a politi­cian, he came up as a stu­dent leader and his wing was of a view to un­seat the cur­rent ar­bi­trar­ily func­tion­ing govern­ment. he was “blessed” to be born in a high caste fam­ily, due to which the votes turned in his favour. As power came to him, cor­rup­tion fol­lowed.

Rea­sons for such scams and pos­si­ble steps for a so­lu­tion

We see that even if we go to this sys­tem with clean hands and good in­ten­tions, it tends to buy our virtues against power and money. Lalu Ya­dav be­ing the rail­way min­is­ter is cred­ited for bring­ing the In­dian Rail­ways in profit dur­ing his ten­ure. these were the times, de­spite suf­fer­ing all the losses the rail­ways re­cov­ered dras­ti­cally and to study this many schol­ars came to our coun­try. With such ca­pa­bil­i­ties, there is no pos­si­ble rea­son as to why Bi­har state is on it’s all time low when we see the in­come.

The story of Laloo’s rise/as­cend un­der­lines the ex­tent to which democ­racy has dis­placed tra­di­tional modes of elite for­ma­tion based on ed­u­ca­tion, abil­ity and lead­er­ship qual­i­ties thereby cre­at­ing a par­al­lel av­enue for the ac­qui­si­tion of power. If we look at it prac­ti­cally, ob­vi­ously Lalu Prasad alone can op­er­ate these scams, I be­lieve every­thing boils down to one sin­gle thing, that is ed­u­ca­tion. Our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem where we teach our chil­dren so that they can pay of­fi­cials to pass. foun­da­tion should be strong enough that we keep only what we de­serve, know our rights as well as du­ties and most im­por­tantly re­spect each other and each other’s rights, so that peo­ple with evil in­ten­tions do not get the en­vi­ron­ment to rely on scan­dalous means. When we proudly boast about our coun­try be­ing the big­gest democ­racy we should also pon­der about the func­tion­al­ity part of it. the ba­sic prin­ci­ple of democ­racy gives power to the ci­ti­zens of this coun­try, but on the con­trary, they smash the whole pur­pose of the democ­racy by not us­ing these pow­ers. Thanks to the so­cial me­dia pen­e­tra­tion, peo­ple can ex­press their feel­ings and ideas to a wider au­di­ence, let us use these plat­forms to re­con­struct our coun­try be­cause if this con­tin­ues, then ex­o­dus of the job­less/un­em­ployed and poor peo­ple to other states will con­tinue till the im­mi­gra­tion of job seek­ers will be­come clan­des­tine.

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