Mail Today - - COFFEE BREAK - By Dr Ajai Bhambi

ARIES Apr 14-May 14

The fra­grance of love is surely go­ing to get stronger. A ro­bust sense of duty will make cer­tainthat you keep your sweet­heart happy. You could pur­sue some busi­ness plan around a place you plan to visit.

TAURUS May 15-June 15 You are pleased with the way your re­la­tion­ship is mod­el­ing. There is much to share and be pleased about. There is strong like­li­hood that you can con­sider en­ter­ing the wed­lock soon.

GEM­INI June 16-July 15 Avoid get­ting into any fights with your part­ner. You will wish to have your own opin­ion ac­cepted and will not take very kindly to en­quir­ing. This could lead to a highly elec­tric at­mos­phere.

CAN­CER July 16-Aug 15 Pres­sure could sur­face at the work place which can up­set your mood. How­ever, you will cer­tainly see that the love of your life is pleased and duly cared for. A short jour­ney is also seen.

LEO Aus 16-Sep 15 Abrupt fi­nan­cial glitches can lead to anx­i­ety which gets re­flected in your love life. You could be dis­turbed but the sooner you re­al­ize this won’t make ro­mance flour­ish, the bet­ter it is.

VIRGO Sep 16-Oct 15 A breakin com­mu­ni­ca­tion can aug­ment some con­flict so you will have to do your best to re­gain nor­mal­ity. Your part­ner will need as­sur­ance that all is fine in your ro­mance.

LIBRA Oct 16-Nov 15

You will live in the in­stant, thor­oughly en­joy­ing your­self with all the at­ten­tion your part­ner be­stows upon. There will be a lot of cheer­ful­ness and great hope for the fu­ture.

SCORPIO Nov 16-Dec 15 You will do all you can to en­sure that your love life pro­gresses well. It is your de­sire to love and be loved. You may have to go on a long trip along with your love part­ner.

SAGITTARIUS Dec 16-Jan 13 Your lover will ap­pre­ci­ate you and keep you pleased. There is a lot of co­zi­ness in this re­la­tion­ship as you both love each other and the car­ing is un­doubt­edly not one sided.

CAPRICORN Jan 14-Feb 11 Pro­fes­sional life will con­sume a lot of your time. There will be barely any time to be with your love mate. How­ever, the evening demon­stra­tions prom­ise and you both can be close to­gether.

AQUARIUS Feb 12-March 13 You may need to make some vari­a­tions so that you both re­main happy. Your in­cli­na­tion to show your same old be­hav­iour and an­tic­i­pate dif­fer­ent re­sults is go­ing to an­noy your part­ner.

PISCES Mar 14-Apr 13

There is ev­ery sin­gle chance that you could en­counter an ex flame. The old mag­netism can sur­face and lead you both into an­other ro­man­tic in­ter­imwhich is go­ing to be as thrilling as be­fore.

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