Meiyang Chang shares his sleep se­crets with Vi­raj Sawant.

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My work­out in­cludes an ex­tended ses­sion of swim­ming and run­ning. The work­out goes on for about an hour or so. It’s dif­fi­cult to find time to sleep in this hec­tic city. In or­der to achieve our goals, we lose our sleep. We com­pro­mise on the most im­por­tant ac­tiv­ity. Doc­tors tell you that it’s im­por­tant for the skin. And to keep your­self healthy you have to sleep ap­prox­i­mately 7-8 hours. I have been gifted with this unique power to fall asleep at any given mo­ment.

It is im­por­tant as it helps you main­tain your men­tal health and helps you to stay alert. Sleep is ca­pa­ble of re­fresh­ing and re­pair­ing all the torn mus­cles. I was work­ing on this film which was to be shot only in the night, from 7pm to 7am. It was ex­haust­ing be­cause your body clock turns up­side down. How ever much you try to sleep in the day, it can­not com­pen­sate for the night sleep. While trav­el­ling, I try to sleep on the bus, in the car or on the flight. Also, some­times, I lose my sleep if I’m am lis­ten­ing to good mu­sic or read­ing a good graphic novel. Th­ese things grip you and you don’t want to leave them un­fin­ished.

I had an is­sue with my back, so I pre­fer us­ing a firm mat­tress. It sup­ports all the back mus­cles. And I use a medium thick pil­low for the neck.

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