Gau­tam Rode shares his sleep se­crets with Nairita Mukher­jee.

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“Sleep is very im­por­tant be­cause it gives your body rest and also helps you feel en­er­gised and re­ju­ve­nated. Just like fit­ness and a proper diet are im­por­tant for a healthy body and mind, sleep too plays an equally cru­cial role. With­out that, your body will be fa­tigued and you will run low on en­ergy.

“I am not a heavy sleeper. I usu­ally just need around five to six hours of sleep. So, when I’m on a hec­tic shoot­ing sched­ule or trav­el­ling, I make sure I get ad­e­quate rest by sim­ply closing my eyes and rest­ing my mind. I’m also not a power nap type of a per­son.

“How­ever, early morn­ing shifts are a bit tricky. If it’s a 5am shoot, then I’ve to wake up re­ally early, so I’ll end up not sleep­ing much. I’ll be wor­ried whether I’ll be able to get up on time or not.

“I have no such habits of read­ing or lis­ten­ing to mu­sic be­fore I go to bed. I’m usu­ally not fussy about com­fort when it comes to sleep ei­ther— just one de­cent pil­low and a firm mat­tress that sup­ports my back as well and I’m good to go.”

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