Chunky Pandey shares his sleep se­crets with Nairita Mukher­jee.

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I think the big­gest ben­e­fit of sleep, that peo­ple tend to ig­nore, is that it ac­tu­ally helps one lose weight. A good night’s sleep en­sures that your metabolism rate is right and that ob­vi­ously means you are go­ing to be health­ier and fit­ter. It re­gen­er­ates and re­boots your sys­tem and helps the brain cope bet­ter with dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, be it a hec­tic shoot­ing sched­ule or an in­tense work­out.

But then again, one should not over­sleep, be­cause that makes one lazy. Get­ting op­ti­mum hours of sleep is im­por­tant to feel en­er­gised and avoid feel­ing sloppy. I can­not sleep for longer than six hours at a stretch. If my body feels sleep-de­prived I set­tle for cat­naps in be­tween. Hon­estly, I don’t think a good sleep is about the num­ber of hours, it de­pends on the qual­ity.

To en­sure a good night’s sleep, I al­ways eat light at night. It’s vi­tal that your body is re­laxed and a heavy meal just be­fore go­ing to bed causes hin­drance. I avoid tak­ing sleep­ing pills at all cost. In­ter­est­ingly, a good cup of cof­fee helps me fall asleep. I know it’s is weird, but I guess, it re­laxes my body.

When your body wants sleep, it doesn’t mat­ter where you are, you just have to sleep. Though I don’t fuss about the mat­tress, I just need a firm base, a soft pil­low and I can doze off. Hon­estly, I en­joy sleep­ing, it’s a lot of fun!

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