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One of the best things about living a bach­e­lor’s life in Mumbai, other than the im­pul­sive house par­ties of course, is my late night walk in the by lanes on the wrong side of mid­night. The air is for­giv­ing, the deci­bels tol­er­a­ble and the sky makes for a good com­pany. The stroll does noth­ing good for my lack of sleep, but it rounds up for a lot more. In short, a per­fect end to an im­per­fect day.

Some call it leisure, some call it in­sane, but for me life has al­ways been about sim­ple plea­sures. Call me in­dul­gent, but sans the right mix of cheese, salt and caramel pop­corn in my tub, the movie doesn’t feel right. Let me also con­fess my fond­ness for cut­ting chai and Parle G, (The combo has saved many hun­gry souls, old and young, at noon or mid­night), es­pe­cially, when I have the com­pany of like-minded folks.

But it isn’t just me, ev­ery­one has their whims. Sam­ple our cover shot: Ever seen any­one take so much plea­sure in shav­ing a hum­ble stub­ble be­fore? Well, be­ing a movie star has its own perks. By the way, fine legs. But a finer girl. En­joy the cover spread, en­joy the is­sue and keep in­dulging in small com­forts that soothe you the most, and make you feel that all is right in the world.

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