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Por­tia de Rossi is cre­at­ing quite a “scan­dal” over on her wife’s talk show set. A source at The Ellen De Generes Show said that the 42-year- old actress al­ways has a lol­lipop in her mouth when she comes to visit. But in­stead of toss­ing the sticks in the garbage when she’s done, she sim­ply drops them on the floor! “Por­tia ex­pects that an as­sis­tant will pick it up,” says source. “There are sticky used lol­lipop sticks all over the floor in the of­fices and hall­ways.” The host, 57, doesn’t seem to have a prob­lem with the icky lit­ter. “One time, Ellen and Por­tia yelled at an as­sis­tant for not pick­ing Por­tia’s lol­lipop stick off the floor,” says the source. “It’s re­ally gross!”

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