Shares his sleep se­crets with Nairita Mukher­jee

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Gul­shan De­va­iah

Sleep is very im­por­tant be­cause it rests your body and also helps you feel en­er­gised and re­ju­ve­nated. Un­for­tu­nately I be­long to a pro­fes­sion where your sleep pat­tern goes for a toss be­cause of the er­ratic hours and of course, the stress that comes with the pro­fes­sion. How­ever, I try to get as much sleep as I can through the day.

From a very young age, I’ve had the habit of sleep­ing for 12 hours. Now it sounds funny, but at one point my wife was ac­tu­ally wor­ried about me, and I went and got my­self tested. For­tu­nately, the test re­sults came back as regular. So, I’m the kind of per­son who loves to sleep. But when I can’t get a long sleep, say due to hec­tic shoot­ing sched­ules or be­cause I’m trav­el­ling, I try to break it down in parts, just so that the to­tal num­ber of hours are com­pen­sated. I can just sit on a chair and doze off for a quick power nap if I have to.

One trick that I use is that I switch on the air con­di­tioner at least 15 min­utes be­fore go­ing to bed. This cools down the room con­sid­er­ably, and it al­ways helps your body and mind fall asleep when the en­vi­ron­ment is cool. On days when I am work­ing out at the gym, th­ese tricks come in handy be­cause your body tends to gen­er­ate a lot of heat as you work­out. I don’t re­ally lis­ten to mu­sic or read books to fa­cil­i­tate fall­ing asleep.

Due to a back prob­lem, I use a spe­cial or­thopaedic mat­tress and pil­low which is nei­ther too hard nor too soft, that sup­ports my spine. In case, that isn’t avail­able, I pre­fer sleep­ing on the floor with just a du­vet and a hard pil­low.

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