Maritime Gateway - - Bangladesh -

The Chit­tagong Port Au­thor­ity, Cus­toms and banks at the port will op­er­ate 24/7.

An al­ter­na­tive road will be con­structed at the port to evac­u­ate cargo.

Land­lord port model will be in­tro­duced.

ICDS will im­pose CFS cut-off time.

ICDS will send ex­port con­tain­ers to the port be­tween berthing of ves­sel and six hours be­fore their sail­ing.

The port au­thor­ity will pro­vide an ex­port yard of at least 1000 teus at the Chit­tagong Con­tainer Ter­mi­nal and at New Moor­ing Con­tainer Ter­mi­nal.

Berthing time: Gear­less con­tainer (48 hours),

ves­sel smaller geared ves­sels with cranes (60 hours) and

largest geared ves­sels (72 hours).

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