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The world is be­com­ing smaller and cul­tures are go­ing to have an im­pact on each other. Th­ese changes oc­cur in a very grad­ual, sub­tle and nat­u­ral man­ner. In my opin­ion, the Mar­wari com­mu­nity can dis­cern between the changes that are nec­es­sary for progress and those that are just pass­ing fads. Many Mar­wari families recog­nise the fact that the new gen­er­a­tion is very cre­ative and re­alise that as long as peo­ple do what they love, there is no limit to the suc­cess that they can achieve. So they are fairly open-minded as far as ca­reer op­tions are con­cerned. I think not be­ing open to cross-cul­tural mar­riages was a way of pre­serv­ing their cul­ture. How­ever, with chang­ing times, even th­ese are not so un­com­mon any­more. As an an­i­mal lover, I am a veg­e­tar­ian by choice and un­der­stand the ba­sis of this tra­di­tion. But each per­son should be free to make his choice in th­ese mat­ters. One only needs to re­frain from ex­cesses.

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