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From the eigh­teenth to the nine­teenth cen­tury, many Mar­waris mi­grated to Myan­mar, Bangladesh, east­ern In­dia and be­yond where they helped de­velop the econ­omy with their busi­ness skills while typ­i­cally blend­ing in with lo­cal, re­gional cul­tures. In my opin­ion, Mar­waris en­deav­our to adapt their think­ing to the times and cul­tures they are sur­rounded by while re­tain­ing the tra­di­tions that they hold dear. The com­mu­nity seems to have adapted a new ap­proach to­wards life and the gaps between the gen­er­a­tions have re­duced, thanks to more trans­par­ent re­la­tion­ships. En­cour­age­ment from el­ders has helped new gen­er­a­tions di­ver­sify into dif­fer­ent busi­nesses. What is re­mark­able is that we have an open at­ti­tude to­wards both new tech­nol­ogy and old teach­ings. This has helped us achieve great suc­cess in

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