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This pe­riod will bring re­lief and sta­ble health to those who suf­fer from chronic dis­eases. Ex­er­cise cau­tion while deal­ing with fi­nances be­cause dur­ing this phase, your emo­tions may in­flu­ence your de­ci­sions, and the end re­sult of such de­ci­sions will not be ideal. You will re­ceive a pleas­ant sur­prise from rel­a­tives or a close fam­ily friend. Love will blos­som and re­la­tion­ships be­tween close ones will im­prove.

Use your fore­sight in business af­fairs and in­vest­ments. Trust your in­tu­ition and suc­cess will follow.


Sky blue This is a good time to invest in prop­erty, but do not make any rash or in­se­cure in­vest­ments at this time. Longterm fam­ily bat­tles will fi­nally come to a close, and things will be hap­pier on the fam­ily front. Those who are sin­gle are likely to en­counter a po­ten­tial match. There will be noth­ing event­ful on the work front and it will be smooth sail­ing and peace­ful.

Steer clear of the temp­ta­tion to bend your per­sonal eth­i­cal code. Stay away from sit­u­a­tions that may test your re­solve in this re­gard.


Black This pe­riod is favourable for in­vest­ing in new schemes. On the fam­ily front, there is a good chance of travel for plea­sure. A party or get-to­gether is on the cards, and you will find your­self re­con­nect­ing with rel­a­tives and old friends. Sup­press the urge to keep se­crets from your part­ner or par­ents; let­ting out your deep­est thoughts and fears to a trusted per­son will re­lieve you of im­mense stress. Some of you will need to re­lo­cate for work-re­lated is­sues.

It is time for in­tro­spec­tion. Post­pone ma­jor de­ci­sions for th­ese two months.

Blue sap­phire


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