Tarot card reader Sangeeta Kr­ish­nan steers you through these two months with pre­dic­tions and ad­vice

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Steady fi­nan­cial in­creases are pre­dicted in the weeks ahead. Prop­erty in­vest­ments made at this time will fall into place per­fectly. At work, you will en­joy head­ing a new project, in­creased power and re­spon­si­bil­ity of some sort. So­cially, you will meet many in­flu­en­tial peo­ple, who will be a valu­able future as­set. Your charisma and pos­i­tiv­ity will shine through and cre­ate a very pos­i­tive at­mos­phere around you. Health-wise, try not to over­work your­self, as it will ul­ti­mately lead to ill health. Tarot tip: Be mind­ful of how much time you have and avoid over­book­ing your days and end­ing up with anx­i­ety and a sense of use­less­ness. Gem­stone: Pearl Colour: Grey


You are lucky to be amidst a solid sup­port sys­tem by way of friends, fam­ily and so­cial net­work. Some­thing you have been work­ing on for months will be com­pleted, open­ing up new op­por­tu­ni­ties. New op­por­tu­ni­ties will tempt you to leave your cur­rent projects un­fin­ished; re­sist the temp­ta­tion. Suc­cess comes with per­sis­tence. So choose your next steps wisely. Some con­flicts will oc­cur in busi­ness; try to avoid im­por­tant busi­ness ne­go­ti­a­tions for a few weeks. Tarot tip: Keep re­mind­ing your­self of your goal and why you are pur­su­ing it, to stay fo­cussed on your fi­nal des­ti­na­tion. Gem­stone: Tiger’s eye Colour: Brown


At work, pro­mo­tions await you. Mon­e­tary re­wards are lined up in the near future—and you are am­bi­tious enough to main­tain your pace de­spite mi­nor set­backs! In busi­ness, you will be shrewd. Strat­egy/ plan­ning are your strong suits; use them well. You will feel grat­i­tude for the many peo­ple who have helped you along your jour­ney; ride this sen­ti­ment and ful­fil your destiny by pay­ing it forward—do a kind deed to some­one with no ex­pec­ta­tions or strings at­tached. There is po­ten­tial of global travel. Tarot tip: The uni­verse con­tin­ues to give abun­dantly to you; a gift or wind­fall will come your way. Gem­stone: Di­a­mond Colour: White


A new job, a change of house, city, or even country may be on the cards. These en­er­gies that sur­round you will help you un­der­take new projects. The change in cir­cum­stances will blow new­ness into your life. New ideas will crop up eas­ily. If you wish to take up a new habit or give up an old one, the Uni­verse will sup­port you. Health-wise, there are no ma­jor is­sues cur­rently, but you may be re­cov­er­ing from a re­cent ill­ness so you will need to be a lit­tle cau­tious. Tarot tip: Un­ex­pected ex­penses will crop up and you will be spend­ing more than usual. Keep a rainy-day fund and watch your ex­penses. Gem­stone: Citrine Colour: Yel­low


Projects that you work on will bring suc­cess, praise and recog­ni­tion. Prop­erty deal­ings un­der­taken dur­ing this time will pro­ceed quickly and will prove to be prof­itable in the long run. Other long-term in­vest­ments are also ad­vised. This is a pe­riod of trans­for­ma­tion, in­ter­nal or ex­ter­nal, caus­ing a ma­jor shift in your at­ti­tude and per­spec­tive. Health will need some at­ten­tion—there is a chance of surgery. There will be a pe­riod of ap­par­ent stag­na­tion; but this is an il­lu­sion, for a lot of ac­tiv­ity is go­ing on just out of sight Tarot tip: Do not stay idle; de­spite no out­wardly change, start plan­ning your next steps and gear­ing up so that you are pre­pared when the time is right. Gem­stone: Jade Colour: Green


There is an air of stag­na­tion. You will feel rest­less and anx­ious, and might find it dif­fi­cult to fo­cus on work. Health-wise, stress lev­els will run high and you may have dif­fi­culty sleep­ing, but you will soon bounce back to nor­malcy. This is time for in­tro­spec­tion as to what re­ally is hold­ing you back from achiev­ing your goals, and to re­mem­ber that you are the sole cus­to­dian of your destiny. Fi­nan­cially this is not a great time for new in­vest­ments, but sell­ing your as­sets will yield profit. Tarot tip: A new ex­pe­ri­ence that pushes you out of your com­fort zone will help you find your cre­ative streak. Gem­stone: Chal­cedony Colour: Blue


Sev­eral pos­si­bil­i­ties sur­round you, and you will feel like you can grow in any di­rec­tion. With re­sources back­ing you, you will be brim­ming with the urge to start some­thing new. Some of you will be re­cov­er­ing from a long-term ill­ness or bout of poor health. You will at­tend gath­er­ings and make new friends and ac­quain­tances. Be­fore tak­ing any ma­jor de­ci­sions, al­ways con­sult a close con­fi­dante or trusted fam­ily el­der. Your heart will turn to­ward spir­i­tual pur­suits and you will feel char­i­ta­ble and gen­er­ous. Tarot tip: Spend some time un­clut­ter­ing old en­er­gies and ob­jects from your im­me­di­ate space to pave the way for change. Gem­stone: Aqua­ma­rine Colour: Blue


You will be cre­atively in­spired and it will show in ev­ery­thing you do. Your cre­ativ­ity will fuel many projects. Writ­ing, art and dance are ar­eas you can ex­plore right now. New re­la­tion­ships will blos­som and old con­flicts will be re­solved. Le­gal mat­ters will take a while to re­solve. Be care­ful about po­ten­tially im­prac­ti­cal de­ci­sions; your cre­ative mind­set may lead you to fan­ci­ful think­ing that is not grounded in re­al­ity. Do not make any dras­tic changes in your life­style in the next few weeks. There may be mis­un­der­stand­ings be­cause of mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

Tarot tip: Re­frain from mak­ing im­por­tant de­ci­sions and con­sult a prac­ti­cal friend when ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary. Gem­stone: Amethyst Colour: Pur­ple


This is a great pe­riod for a new short-term course and ac­quir­ing new skills. These will chal­lenge you in­tel­lec­tu­ally, and give you one-up against co-work­ers. You will be ques­tioned or even ridiculed for your un­con­ven­tional ac­tions, but the cards ad­vise you to ig­nore them and con­tinue do­ing what you feel is right. Sev­eral un­seen forces are at play here, and you will soon un­dergo a ma­jor per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion. While the change it­self will be dif­fi­cult, the sub­se­quent months will be smooth sail­ing. Tarot tip: Age is only a num­ber; if you set your mind to do some­thing, you can, re­gard­less of your age. Gem­stone: Blue sap­phire Colour: Blue/vi­o­let


This is a great pe­riod for re­la­tion­ships, es­pe­cially when rec­on­cil­ing re­la­tion­ships and con­flicts. You will be called upon to me­di­ate be­tween close friends' ar­gu­ments. In the com­ing months, ex­pect to at­tend an en­gage­ment, mar­riage or an an­niver­sary party and meet friends and fam­ily. There will be con­flicts at work, which you are ad­vised to avoid. Oth­er­wise, work will be smooth and un­event­ful, per­haps even a lit­tle bor­ing. You can use this down­time to pur­sue your hob­bies. Tarot tip: Be care­ful about what you eat. Stick to whole­some, raw and or­ganic foods, and hy­drate of­ten. Spend time in a place of na­ture, like trees or a nat­u­ral wa­ter body to en­er­gise your­self. Gem­stone: Rain­bow moon­stone Colour: White


A cre­ative spark will light up your life in the com­ing months. At work, your cre­ativ­ity will be un­leashed to its max­i­mum. Even in a tech­ni­cal job, it will man­i­fest through cre­ative prob­lem solv­ing; ne­go­ti­at­ing deals; or even just emerge through pre­sen­ta­tions, meet­ings and ideas. A new re­la­tion­ship is on the cards. Those in are­la­tion­ship, will find it evolv­ing to higher lev­els. Those prone to mi­graine need to avoid trig­ger­ing fac­tors. Sea­sonal al­ler­gies may also crop up. Tarot tip: You would fare bet­ter in re­la­tion­ships if you con­sider the other per­son’s feel­ings than solely on what is right. Tact and po­lite­ness go a long way. Gem­stone: Tour­ma­line Colour: Black


At work you will be suc­cess­ful in your cur­rent en­deav­our. Be care­ful of those who try to steal credit from you. De­spite hard work and team ef­fort, one of your peers will cause slow­downs and de­lays. Be pa­tient, but wise. You may have to re­or­gan­ise your team to play on every­one’s strengths. Le­gal pro­ceed­ings will pro­ceed swiftly and in your favour—pro­vided you are in the right. There is a ten­dency to feel low and blue; the cards ad­vise you to fo­cus on the pos­i­tives. Not all is as bad as you may make it out to be. Even the neg­a­tive cir­cum­stances are not per­ma­nent. Tarot tip: Take time out ev­ery day for con­tem­pla­tion and med­i­ta­tion—these will give you clar­ity, fo­cus, and help you grow in all ar­eas of your life.. Gem­stone: Opal Colour: Pink

Sangeeta Kr­ish­nan is an ex­pe­ri­enced tarot reader and reiki healer. For more in­for­ma­tion visit her web­site, www.sangee­takr­ish­nan.com

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