The trend of young en­trepreneurs con­duct­ing busi­ness meet­ings in cafes is see­ing a boom. Our eti­quette ex­pert Shi­tal Kakkar Mehra, gives us some tips on the same

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With cafés & baris­tas mush­room­ing ev­ery­where, fre­quently one sees young en­trepreneurs, free­lancers and cor­po­rate ex­ec­u­tives us­ing them as satel­lite of­fices as they sit there check­ing emails and con­duct­ing busi­ness meet­ings. While rules may sound too for­mal for an in­for­mal place like this, these do's and don'ts will prove to be help­ful: Do buy some­thing ev­ery hour as it's un­fair to as­sume that the ef­fi­cient air-con­di­tion­ing, good house­keep­ing and the in­vig­o­rat­ing aroma of cof­fee be­ing brewed are for free! Dur­ing the lunch hour, buy a sand­wich/ light snack and never carry your own food.

Do keep your bags on the floor, even if the café is empty - leave the ex­tra chairs for fu­ture pay­ing cus­tomers.

Do keep your mo­bile and lap­top on the silent mode. Take long calls out­side the café and don't sched­ule tele­cons while you sit here as cafes can get busy very sud­denly, im­pact­ing the deci­bels lev­els in­side.

Do show con­sid­er­a­tion by leav­ing the plug points free for the other pa­trons- charg­ing your phone on one and your lap­top on the other will earn you the la­bel of a “free­loader”. If wi-fi ac­cess is of­fered free of charge, use it to browse the web and to down­load your emails in­stead of hog­ging the band­width by us­ing Skype. Use head­phone for all au­dios, in­stead of lift­ing your lap­top to your ear!

Don't treat the wait staff as your ex­ec­u­tive as­sis­tants by ask­ing them to keep an eye on your be­long­ings while you get busy on your mo­bile, crack­ing deals out­side the café!

Don't hold busi­ness meet­ings for groups larger than 3-4 per­sons and en­sure that you buy ad­e­quate drinks /food items to com­pen­sate for us­ing this place as an in­for­mal cen­tre.

Don’t hold busi­ness meet­ings for groups larger than 3-4 per­sons

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