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The skin has de­fen­sive mech­a­nisms that help fight free rad­i­cals that ex­ist in pol­luted air by se­cret­ing fats and oils called lipids that act as a bar­rier against these pol­lu­tants. To strengthen this mech­a­nism there are cer­tain tips that one should fol­low to ward off skin dis­eases, say ex­perts.

Ex­perts dole out tips that one should fol­low

4Cleans­ing the skin: With high acidic lev­els in the air, the skin tends to get dry mak­ing it vul­ner­a­ble to pen­e­tra­tion of harm­ful par­tic­u­lates that are free flow­ing in the air. The skin needs to be kept moist there­fore, cleans­ing the skin is a good op­tion. Use a cleanser that does not rob your skin of all the mois­ture.

4Us­ing a Toner: Af­ter cleans­ing the skin, it is es­sen­tial to neu­tral­ize it with a good toner. A gen­tle, sooth­ing toner helps re­move oil and traces of dirt and grime on the skin, en­sur­ing there are no acidic par­ti­cles stuck to the skin.

4Scrub­bing: Once the toner has been ap­plied evenly, treat your skin to mild scrub­bing. The face scrub can be used on all the body parts that were ex­posed to air. Mild Scrub­bing twice a day will en­sure your skin is thor­oughly cleansed of all the dirt.

4Us­ing fa­cial oil: In­stead of us­ing a mois­tur­izer, Fa­cial oils prove to be more ben­e­fi­cial. It acts as a bar­rier which does not al­low out­side pol­lu­tants to pen­e­trate the skin. Once you cleanse your face it is very im­por­tant to ap­ply a good fa­cial oil that will moisten your skin and pro­tect it from the harm­ful air pol­lu­tants.

4Wear a sun block as shield not only against sun’s UV rays but also to pro­tect against pol­lu­tants in air.

4Cleanse your face us­ing baby oil/co­conut oil on a cot­ton pad first

fol­lowed by your face wash with cold wa­ter, this en­sure deep cleans­ing from inside the pores pulling out even the most stub­born bac­te­ria / pol­lu­tant set­tled onto your skin. Re­plen­ish with us­ing a toner to tighten the pores and a nour­ish­ing mois­turiser

4Sup­ple­ment your diet with nec­es­sary anti-ox­i­dants rich in Vi­ta­min C & E which are ex­cel­lent for skin tex­ture. Bro­colli, Spinach, Peanut but­ter be­ing some rich sources.

4Pre­pare a hy­drat­ing fluid for on the go skin care, cut few slices of wa­ter­melon, green ap­ple etc and soak it your wa­ter bot­tle that you carry with you all day long and keep sip­ping the nour­ish­ment. This keeps your skin ex­tra hy­drated with the pres­ence of fruits and detox wa­ter helps clear skin from within to re­v­erse the ef­fect from pol­lu­tion.

4Use a face mask at night to re­plen­ish lost nu­tri­ents. For ex­am­ple pa­paya mask is rich in vi­ta­mins, anti ox­i­dants . Turmeric mask helps clear skin. Potato mask help re­duce dark cir­cles.

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