Deny­ing tem­ple en­try does not have re­li­gious sanc­tion: Naidu

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CHEN­NAI: Vice Pres­i­dent Venka­iah Naidu Thurs­day dep­re­cated some com­mu­ni­ties be­ing not al­lowed into tem­ples, say­ing there was no re­li­gious sanc­tion for it.

Hindu texts held sa­cred like the Vedas or Upan­ishads does not pre­scribe such re­stric­tions, he said and bat­ted for a change in in­di­vi­ual mind­set to re­verse such prac­tises and usher in larger so­ci­etal change.

“ have cer­tain cases where some com­mu­ni­ties are not al­lowed into tem­ples. What is this? Who told you? No veda, no upan­ishads has pressed that only par­tic­u­lar com­mu­nity should be al­lowed,” Naidu said in his con­vo­ca­tion ad­dress at the Pres­i­dency Col­lege here.

So­ci­etal changes should hap­pen and to fa­cil­i­tate it a change in mind­set was needed, he told the stu­dents adding,”you must have a pro­gres­sive out­look.”

In parts of Tamil Nadu and else­where in the coun­try, Dal­its have his­tor­i­cally faced op­po­si­tion from other com­mu­ni­ties over them en­ter­ing tem­ples.

Stress­ing on morals, val­ues and ethics, the Vice Pres­i­dent said stu­dents should ques­tion ir­ra­tional and il­log­i­cal things.

“You should grow up with courage and con­vic­tion to ques­tion the ir­ra­tional and cri­tique the il­log­i­cal. You should de­velop the moral fi­bre and strength of char­ac­ter to shape and de­velop your own opin­ions and view points.”

To de­velop such qual­i­ties and sus­tain them, stu­dents should al­ways be ready to learn and for­ever be open to new ex­pe­ri­ences.

He said stu­dents were priv­i­leged to grad­u­ate from Pres­i­dency col­lege which has a his­tory of over 178 years.

Naidu listed out chal­lenges such as poverty, il­lit­er­acy, black money and cor­rup­tion that the coun­try was fac­ing.

Though gov­ern­ment was work­ing on all these, young­sters must be so­cially con­scious to fight these chal­lenges, he said.

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