How to pick the right pu­ri­fier


An air pu­ri­fier has to be the right fit for the space you wish to use it in. The best way of go­ing about it is to match the size of your room and the cov­er­age area of each pu­ri­fier—this is usu­ally men­tioned in square feet (sq. ft).

Air pu­ri­fiers work in the room they are kept. If you keep one in the liv­ing room and ex­pect clean air in the bed­room, that will not hap­pen.

Place­ment is im­por­tant. You should leave space on ei­ther side of the pu­ri­fier and not keep fur­ni­ture too close to it. Some pu­ri­fiers have in­take vents at the back, and shouldn’t be placed against a wall.

Air pu­ri­fiers have HEPA (high-ef­fi­ciency par­tic­u­late ar­restance) fil­ters. The thick fil­ter cap­tures air­borne par­ti­cles. Many pu­ri­fiers have ad­di­tional fil­ters, such as a pre-fil­ter to cap­ture larger dust par­ti­cles, and ac­ti­vated car­bon fil­ters, to cap­ture al­ler­gens that may get through the HEPA fil­ter.

The qual­ity of fil­ters de­fines per­for­mance. While it’s im­pos­si­ble to judge how ef­fi­cient one is till you use it, you could try hold­ing up the fil­ters to un­der­stand their thick­ness and the ma­te­ri­als used. If it feels flimsy, it is prob­a­bly best to avoid it.

If there is a pre-fil­ter to col­lect the larger par­ti­cles of dust, this will sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove the life of the HEPA and ac­ti­vated car­bon fil­ters by pre­vent­ing dust from get­ting lodged in them. Pre-fil­ters are eas­ily wash­able, while HEPA fil­ters can­not be washed and need to be re­placed. De­pend­ing on the brand and air pu­ri­fier model, re­place­ment HEPA fil­ters can cost from Rs3,000-9,000.

Fil­ter life will also de­pend on how pol­luted the air inside your home is. On an av­er­age, HEPA fil­ters that don’t have a pre-fil­ter to pro­tect them last around six months, and those that have pre­filters, around 12-15 months.

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