Best noise-can­celling head­phones that can even drown out the sound from fire­crack­ers


It’s Di­wali week and not ev­ery­one likes the sound of crack­ers. So, noise-can­celling head­phones might just be the an­swer. In­ci­den­tally, the best op­tions in the mar­ket don’t just ex­cel in terms of noise can­cel­la­tion, they are among the best au­dio prod­ucts you can buy. So, if you are an au­dio­phile look­ing for good au­dio qual­ity along with noise can­cel­la­tion, here are

the top op­tions.


Price: ₹29,990

The Sony MDR-1000XM3 is ar­guably the best pair of noise-can­celling head­phones you can buy. It senses change in at­mo­spheric pres­sure and ap­plies noise can­cel­la­tion ac­cord­ingly. The head­phones also sup­port high-fidelity au­dio, mak­ing them per­fect for au­dio­philes out there.

Sony also has an ambi- ent noise mode in this, which al­lows you to keep the head­phones on but still al­lows you to lis­ten to things hap­pen­ing around you. The head­phones take am­bi­ent noise and am­pli­fies it for you to hear.


Price: ₹29,363

Be­fore Sony came along, the Bose Quietcomfort 35 II (QC 35 II) was a favourite among those buy­ing noise-can­celling head­phones. It still fig­ures among the best, but gets tough com­pe­ti­tion from the 1000XM3. The QC 35 II of­fers good au­dio qual­ity, an app that can be used to con­trol the mu­sic from your phone and more. What it lacks are the touch con­trols and an am­bi­ent sound mode.

BANG & OLUFSEN H9I Price: ₹39,990

Bang & Olufsen has al­ways been one of Bose’s tough­est com­peti­tors in the mar­ket. A well-known brand in the pre­mium-lux­ury au­dio seg­ment, the H9i is one of their best prod­ucts. Like the 1000XM3, the H9i also has touch con­trols, though they are not very de­pend­able. But you won’t re­ally care about that once you hear the au­dio qual­ity.

BOW­ERS & WILKINS PX Price: ₹32,500

The British au­dio firm, Bow­ers & Wilkins, took a long time be­fore they in­tro­duced their noise-can­celling head­phones. But when they did, the prod­uct shot right to the top of the seg­ment, giv­ing good com­pe­ti­tion to its ri­vals. These head­phones are among the ab­so­lute best you can get in the mar­ket. Like the 1000XM3, it also lets you lis­ten to am­bi­ent noise when re­quired, and can do a good job with mu­sic too. It is best suited to those who lis­ten to a lot of clas­sic rock



Price: ₹18,999

The Skullcandy Venue was launched re­cently and are a tad bi­ased to­wards higher notes, mak­ing it a lit­tle te­dious for longterm use. That said, if you mostly lis­ten to mu­sic for shorter pe­ri­ods, it is a de­cent al­ter­na­tive to the more ex­pen­sive ones men­tioned above. It does well with noise can­cel­la­tion and while the high notes can stand out, the bass notes are quite well done too. FIIL DIVA PRO

Price: ₹16,999

This might be the cheap­est op­tion on this list, but the FIIL Diva Pro isn’t to be tri­fled with. It has touch con­trols, voice fil­ters (al­low­ing am­bi­ent noises in when the head­phones are on), and can ri­val some of the top head­phones in au­dio qual­ity. They might also be the best look­ing among noise-can­celling ones in the mar­ket.

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