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Conart En­gi­neers rec­om­mended at Rs.55.25 last week, zoomed to Rs.64.90 ap­pre­ci­at­ing 17% in just 1 week! Dy­namic In­dus­tries rec­om­mended at Rs.70.85 on 18 Septem­ber 2017, zoomed to Rs.109.85 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 55% within 1.5 months! Ori­ent Abra­sives rec­om­mended at Rs.34.2 on 11 Septem­ber 2017, zoomed to Rs.48 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 40% within 2 months! Sakuma Ex­ports rec­om­mended at Rs.70.05 on 19 June 2017, zoomed to Rs.216.75 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 209% within 4.5 months! Hisar Metal In­dus­tries rec­om­mended at Rs.50 on 5 June 2017, zoomed to Rs.130.10 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 160% within 5 months! Weiz­mann Forex rec­om­mended at Rs.524.20 on 17 April 2017, zoomed to Rs.1125 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 114% within 6.5 months!

Dyne­mic Prod­ucts rec­om­mended at Rs.57.1 on 13 June 2016, zoomed to Rs.184 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 222% within a year and half! PPAP Au­to­mo­tive rec­om­mended at Rs.151.50 on 9 May 2016, zoomed to Rs.454.15 last week ap­pre­ci­at­ing 200% within a year and half!

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