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Let the price move be­low Cen­ter Point or Level 2 and when it move back above Cen­ter Point or Level 2 then buy with what­ever low reg­is­tered be­low Cen­ter Point or Level 2 as the stop loss. Af­ter buy­ing if the price moves to Level 3 or above then look to book prof­its as the op­por­tu­nity arises. If the close is be­low Weekly Re­ver­sal Value then the trend will change from Up Trend to Down Trend. Check on Fri­day af­ter 3.pm to con­firm weekly re­ver­sal of the Up Trend.

Note: SA-Strong Above, DP-De­mand Point, SP- Sup­ply Point, SA- Strong Above

*Note: Up and Down Trend are based of set of mov­ing av­er­ages as ref­er­ence point to de­fine a trend. Close be­low av­er­ages is de­fined as down trend. Close above av­er­ages is de­fined as up trend. Volatil­ity (Up/Down) within Down Trend can hap­pen/ Volatil­ity (Up/Down) within Up Trend can hap­pen. Rel­a­tive Strength (RS) is sta­tis­ti­cal in­di­ca­tor. Weekly Re­ver­sal is the value of the av­er­age.

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