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OKAY, so you’re preg­nant. You have that elu­sive glow and you’re ex­cited about the var­i­ous changes your body will go through. Yes, preg­nancy is most cer­tainly a time to celebrate and be cheer­ful, but it’s not al­ways the case, at least not for ev­ery­one. For some, the changes preg­nancy brings might not ex­actly be as ex­cit­ing as first imag­ined— you’ve no­tice that your breasts have changed; they’ve be­come heav­ier and tender and the are­ola has started to darken; you run to the bath­room fre­quently as the hor­monal changes make the blad­der re­lax. Preg­nancy hor­mones make you nau­seous and you’re throw­ing up all day. As you ap­proach your third trimester, your back may start hurt­ing due to the ex­tra weight in your ab­domen; you may ex­pe­ri­ence cramps in your legs and ad­di­tion­ally feel bloated all the time as the uterus presses against the stom­ach. Stop, take a deep breath and don’t over­think it. Af­ter all, you’re soon go­ing to be a mother and you’ll re­alise that all the dis­com­fort in the world was worth the wait when you fi­nally hold your baby in your arms. For ev­ery­thing else, here’s what you can do to make preg­nancy a more en­joy­able ex­pe­ri­ence: PAY AT­TEN­TION TO YOUR BODY: If you feel tired, just rest. Del­e­gate the house­hold chores and take the time to put your feet up and un­wind. GET A MAS­SAGE: There’s noth­ing like a good re­lax­ing mas­sage. Yes mas­sages are al­lowed dur­ing preg­nancy and all you need is a masseuse who is ex­pe­ri­enced with preg­nancy mas­sages. Just make sure you stay away from the uter­ine pres­sure points as this can cause the pre-term con­trac­tions, and stick to the reg­u­lar oils and lo­tions and avoid the fancy aro­mather­apy ver­sions. GET IN A WORK­OUT: Be­lieve it or not, ex­er­cise can help you re­lax. En­gag­ing in a mild short ex­er­cise rou­tine can ac­tu­ally perk up those hor­mones and make you feel en­er­getic, and helps you to sleep bet­ter at night. LEARN HOW TO MED­I­TATE: When we say med­i­tate we do not mean hours and hours of shut­ting the world out. Even a few min­utes can work won­ders. Ex­perts sug­gest that a few min­utes of fo­cused deep breath­ing with your eyes closed can ac­tu­ally help you to re­lax and feel re­ju­ve­nated. SO­CIALISE AND OPEN UP: Even though you may not be up for it, dress­ing up and feel­ing pretty is a great way to liven you up. En­joy a few ‘adult’ mo­ments, away from baby talk and nurs­ery themes. Dis­cuss what you are feel­ing with a loved one to feel more com­fort­able and re­laxed. Re­mem­ber, preg­nancy can be a very spe­cial time, if you know how to turn things around. Be­sides, mak­ing sure that you feel pos­i­tive is go­ing to help your baby have a more pos­i­tive en­vi­ron­ment in the womb as well.

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