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I AM CON­STANTLY GET­TING NIGHTMARES THAT I WILL LOSE MY BABY. THIS IS MAK­ING ME VERY TENSED. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS? Son­ali: It is nor­mal to have nightmares at this time mainly be­cause your over­all sleep is very dis­turbed. You are also go­ing through a ma­jor change in your life and even dur­ing the day, your mind is rid­dled with doubts and queries. Please do not take the con­tent of the night­mare in the lit­eral sense. Dream­ing that you will mis­carry does not mean that this will hap­pen. You need to keep your thoughts pos­i­tive. Re­lax and med­i­tate dur­ing the day; en­gage in some light ex­er­cise in the evening hours, and fi­nally at bed­time have a cup of warm milk with a spoon of honey. This will help you get a more rested sleep and will keep the nightmares at bay. MY MOTHER-IN-LAW IS CON­STANTLY GIV­ING ME AD­VISE ON HOW TO SIT, WHAT TO EAT AND KEEPS INTERFERING BE­TWEEN MY HUS­BAND AND ME. MY HUS­BAND IS ALSO START­ING TO LIS­TEN TO HER AND FEELS THAT I AM NOT BE­ING CARE­FUL DUR­ING MY PREG­NANCY. THIS IS MAK­ING ME UP­SET. WHAT CAN I DO? Son­ali: Un­so­licited ad­vice from well-mean­ing fam­ily and friends is a very com­mon side ef­fect of preg­nancy. How­ever, this does not negate the fact that harm­less ‘ad­vice’ can be very dis­turb­ing to the preg­nant mother. I sug­gest you just smile and nod along, and do ex­actly what your doc­tor ad­vises you to. Plan your vis­its around your hus­band’s sched­ule to en­sure he’s present at all pre­na­tal check-ups. This will help clear any doubts or con­cerns he may have. More­over, this will help make him more un­der­stand­ing and sup­port­ive when it comes to deal­ing with fam­ily ad­vice. I WANT TO WATCH THE LAT­EST HOR­ROR-THRILLER MOVIE BUT I AM SIX MONTHS PREG­NANT. WILL IT AF­FECT MY BABY? Son­ali: The an­swer to this com­pletely de­pends on how the movie af­fects you. Re­mem­ber, your baby lives in the en­vi­ron­ment you cre­ate for him. He does not have per­cep­tions of his own. If you are happy, your baby is happy; if you are up­set, your baby is up­set. In the same way, if the hor­ror movie scares you, your baby will ex­pe­ri­ence the same emo­tion. How­ever if you find it en­joy­able and at some level funny, then the baby will also en­joy the movie with you.

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