The Foot­ball Hold

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Dr Coelho ex­plains, “It is also known as the clutch hold. Po­si­tion your baby at your side, fac­ing you, with baby’s legs tucked un­der your arm like a foot­ball on the same side as the breast you’re nurs­ing from. Sup­port your baby’s head with the same hand, and use your other hand to cup the breast as you would for the cra­dle hold.” Fur­ther adding, Dr Jayasee­lan ad­vises, “For this po­si­tion, you need to place one or two pil­lows at your side, then po­si­tion the baby un­der your arm. Use your fore­arm to sup­port his up­per back and hand to sup­port his head.”


This po­si­tion is great for be­gin­ners and helps the mother in learn­ing how to po­si­tion the baby cor­rectly. Dr Joshi says, “It is a use­ful po­si­tion for moth­ers who have a had a C-sec­tion birthing process. It is help­ful for moth­ers with flat or in­verted nip­ples. It of­fers mother a bet­ter view of the baby and breast and helps in con­trol­ling the baby’s head move­ments.”


Dr Joshi says, “Moth­ers may find it dif­fi­cult to use the foot­ball hold for big ba­bies and older ba­bies. Some moth­ers just do not find the po­si­tion com­fort­able at all.” SUIT­ABLE FOR: Dr Jayasee­lan says, “This po­si­tion can be used for the moth­ers who have a pre­ma­ture baby or twins and want to feed both the ba­bies at the same time. Also, this po­si­tion is ideal for women who have large breasts or in­verted nip­ples.”

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