The Side-ly­ing Po­si­tion

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Dr Joshi ex­plains, “Both mother and baby lay on their sides fac­ing each other. The mother’s body is at an an­gle to the bed as she leans slightly back­wards into the pil­low be­hind her back. The mother can make use of pil­lows be­hind her back and be­tween her knees to help get com­fort­able. A pil­low or rolled blan­ket be­hind the baby’s back from his neck below, will keep him from rolling away from her.”


“Make sure the baby doesn’t strain to reach your nip­ple. More­over, you shouldn’t bend down to­wards him. Lift your breasts with your fin­gers to help your baby reach your nip­ples,” ad­vises Dr Jayasee­lan. It can also be chal­leng­ing for some new moth­ers. Be­fore try­ing this po­si­tion, it is bet­ter if your baby can latch first.


It is usu­ally a com­fort­able po­si­tion for both moth­ers and ba­bies who can latch on with ease. It is ideal for night-time feed­ing.


Dr Jayasee­lan says, “It is suit­able for moth­ers who have had C-sec­tion and is best for night-time feeds when both of them are sleepy, but es­sen­tial for the baby to get a good night’s sleep.” Dr Joshi ad­vises, “Moth­ers also ex­pe­ri­ence less fa­tigue when nurs­ing in this side-ly­ing po­si­tion. It is a good way to sooth the baby to sleep.”

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