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Preg­nancy terms de­coded


Ca­put suc­ceda­neum refers to swelling or edema of an in­fant’s scalp, ap­pear­ing as a lump on their head shortly af­ter de­liv­ery. This con­di­tion hap­pens due to pres­sure put on the in­fant’s head dur­ing de­liv­ery but is harm­less. It doesn’t in­di­cate any sort of dam­age to the brain or the bones of the cra­nium. The swelling and bruis­ing may in­crease the risk of in­fant jaun­dice. Make sure to bring it to your doc­tor’s at­ten­tion. In case it doesn’t get cured, check with your doc­tor. This con­di­tion can also be con­fused with Cephalo­he­matoma which refers to bleed­ing un­der the scalp.

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