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SMALLER PELVIS: The dif­fi­culty of the de­liv­ery is some­times due to the size of the mother’s pelvis. Smaller pelvis can lead to a longer and more dif­fi­cult de­liv­ery. A long labour with a lot of push­ing can cause this con­di­tion mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for the baby’s head to travel through the birth canal. EARLY RUP­TURE OF AM­NI­OTIC SAC: In some cases, if the mem­brane rup­tures early or if there is too lit­tle fluid in the sac, the mother’s pelvic bones will put pres­sure on the in­fant’s head. The longer there’s fluid around the in­fant, lower the chances of scalp swelling. USE OF VAC­UUM SUC­TION OR FORCEPS: There is a greater chance that the baby will have ca­put suc­ceda­neum. These meth­ods will not re­sult in any long term in­jury but they may put a lit­tle more pres­sure on the baby’s head.

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