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Im­prov­ing your pos­ture when you’re preg­nant will bring other, pretty amaz­ing ben­e­fits, too. Stud­ies have found that pos­ture af­fects how you think about your­self – adopt­ing an up­right pos­ture can boost your sero­tonin lev­els, which im­proves your con­fi­dence and makes you hap­pier and more re­laxed. And while these happy hor­mones are a plus dur­ing preg­nancy, they re­ally come into their own dur­ing labour. Im­prov­ing your pos­ture can give your body bet­ter sym­me­try, and that means your baby is more likely to get into a good po­si­tion ready for birth. And with your body in align­ment, and your baby in the right po­si­tion, your baby will be more able to press down on your cervix and sig­nal to your body that it’s time to get labour started. Re­sult!

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