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Now you’re preg­nant, your boobs grow, and both your band size and cup size in­crease. This change can lead to rounded shoul­ders, which means that your lungs can’t work at full ca­pac­ity. “Do­ing this shoul­der ex­er­cise will re­lax you, un-hunch your shoul­ders and in­crease your lung ca­pac­ity,” says Paula. “That means more oxy­gen can get into your sys­tem, help­ing keep your pla­centa oxy­genated and healthy.”

Try it: Stand with your hands by your sides. Slowly roll your shoul­ders for­wards, bring them up to your ears, then roll them all the way back, so your shoul­der blades are squeezed closer to­gether. Now lower your shoul­ders back to the start­ing po­si­tion. Do this five times.

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