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As your bumps grows, your cen­tre of grav­ity shifts and your lower spine curves into an arch. Many mums-to-be nat­u­rally start lean­ing back a lit­tle, and then bring their head for­wards to com­pen­sate. “This means your neck is work­ing over­time and the joint be­comes strained,” ex­plains Paula. “You might get headaches, neck pain, shoul­der ten­sion, or a tin­gling sen­sa­tion down your arms.” This ex­er­cise po­si­tions your head back where it be­longs. “It will re­lax your mus­cles, ease neck pain and make you feel alert,” says Paula.

Try it: Stand in front of a mir­ror, and jut your chin for­wards. Put your in­dex fin­ger and mid­dle fin­ger on ei­ther side of your chin and guide it back­wards. Yep, you want to give your­self a dou­ble chin! Don’t look down: imag­ine you’re bal­anc­ing a book on your head and you want it to stay there. You’ll know your head is in po­si­tion when you can feel a lit­tle stretch in your neck at roughly ear-lobe level. Hold this po­si­tion for two to three sec­onds, then re­lax. Re­peat the ex­er­cise 10 times.

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