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“The arches of your feet of­ten flat­ten dur­ing preg­nancy be­cause of the ex­tra weight they’re car­ry­ing,” says Paula. “And flat feet can lead to your body be­com­ing mis­aligned and caus­ing aches in your lower back, hips and knees. This ex­er­cise brings the weight of your body back over your heels, tak­ing the pres­sure off your arches and bring­ing your body back into align­ment.”

Try it: Stand with your feet shoul­der width apart. Gen­tly sway from side to side, and then for­wards and back­wards. As you sway, pay at­ten­tion to where your weight is in your feet. You’ll prob­a­bly find that a lot of it falls on the balls of your feet. In­stead, bring your cen­tre of grav­ity back so your weight is over your heels. Now do three more sways each way, keep­ing the weight over your heels.

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