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Breast­feed­ing on the go, tends to stir up some ap­preneh­sions among many waomen to­day. While some mothers are con­fi­dent to breast­feed in pub­lic and whilst trav­el­ling, the gov­ern­ment pro­tects a women’s right to feed her child wher­ever her child needs to feed. For those women who are scep­ti­cal and ap­pre­hen­sive about their safety when it comes to nurs­ing, a shawl, du­patta, swad­dle or nurs­ing cape pro­vides the nec­es­sary pri­vacy they de­sire. Over time, a nur­ing mother can get so good at breast­feed­ing in pub­lic that it is hard for those around to know what they are do­ing. When in doubt, you can al­ways seek help and sup­port from var­i­ous groups and fo­rums. For ex­am­ple, you can join the Breast­feed­ing Sup­port for In­dian Mums on Facebook and ask count­less women to share their ex­pe­ri­ences with you. For a trav­el­ling mother who chooses to breast­feed while on road, it may ini­tially seem like a chal­lenge but the answers to th­ese chal­lenges are less com­pli­cated than you might think. Here are a list of things you can do be­fore you leave:

There’s never enough:

Know­ing your travel dates is al­ways a bless­ing as you can pre­pare ac­cord­ingly for you and your baby. Cal­cu­late the num­ber of days you will trav­el­ling for and pump milk ac­cord­ingly, be­cause while you might be com­fort­able feed­ing in pub­lic it’s not al­ways pos­si­ble to do the same. There­fore, hav­ing a cou­ple of milk bot­tles ready is al­ways good op­tion.

Pump and run:

Speak­ing of sup­ply, make sure you keep your milk pumped and prop­erly stored while you are away. More­over, make it a point to pump of­ten. The lo­gis­tics of trav­el­ling with a breast pump is the best hack! En­sure to keep a charged breast pump so you can main­tain your pump­ing sched­ule along with ster­ilised pump­ing bags and a lano­lin-based nip­ple cream.

Hy­dra­tion is the key to proper milk sup­ply

When you’re breast­feed­ing, it’s es­sen­tial to keep hy­drated as your body is work­ing extra hard to pro­duce flu­ids to nour­ish your baby. Drink­ing lots of wa­ter is the se­cret be­hind main­tain­ing a healthy sup­ply of breast milk.

Find a nurs­ing-friendly shirt

To make breast­feed­ing achiev­able, ex­pe­cially when you may want a lit­tle more pri­vacy, a go-to op­tion is a nurs­ing cape. How­ever, if you don’t have one handy, a nurs­ing-friendly shirt is a quick solution. The best way is to try the two-shirt method where you just have to lift one shirt up to feed your baby. This trick will help you feel more com­fort­able as the top shirt will cover the top por­tion of your breast and the sec­ond is cov­er­ing your belly.

Use a scarf as a nurs­ing cover

While trav­el­ling, a light­weight cover up or an in­fin­ity scarf is a great al­ter­na­tive to a nurs­ing cover and serves mul­ti­ple pur­poses. Not only are they a fun way to dress up an or­di­nary out­fit (ma­ter­nity wear isn’t al­ways stylish), they also make it super easy to get a lit­tle pri­vacy for nurs­ing in pub­lic!

Stock up on nurs­ing pads

Ev­ery nurs­ing mother, at some point, ex­pe­ri­ences that mo­ment of let-down when your body sig­nals that it’s time for a feed, re­gard­less of whether your baby is hun­gry or not. No one likes stain­ing their clothes es­pe­cially in un­ex­pected places and at awk­ward times. Whether you like the dis­pos­able or wash­able kind, nurs­ing pads make your life a lot eas­ier and can def­i­nitely help you avoid em­bar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions!

Try the hair band hack

When you are feed­ing your baby at night and you are switch­ing from one breast to the other, you tend to for­get which breast you last fed from. Wear­ing a hair band on the breast you are feed­ing from helps to re­mind an ex­hausted new mom what side she should start feed­ing from in the next ses­sion. An­other hack is nurs­ing clips that you can at­tach to your bra.

Stay happy and healthy

If you usu­ally have few is­sues with milk sup­ply, con­sider three main fac­tors that can in­flu­ence milk pro­duc­tion: hy­dra­tion, food, and sleep. Th­ese fac­tors can fluc­tu­ate in the chaos of a travel day, and sim­ply main­tain­ing an aware­ness of your food and wa­ter in­take, as well as your daily rest, will go a long way to­wards en­sur­ing your baby is hap­pily fed each day.

Pack the es­sen­tials

The right gear will smoothen the en­tire ex­pe­ri­ence. Pick a wheeled suit­case that eas­ily glides through the air­port—four-wheeled suit­cases tend to work best for trav­el­ing par­ents. Make sure to carry a com­fort­able day bag in which can store ev­ery­thing you need for a day of sight­see­ing with your lit­tle one. There is no need to can­cel your travel plans, par­tic­u­larly if you are a nurs­ing mother. All you have to do is travel smart so that you and your baby en­joy your trips to­gether.

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