Tiny changes that will ease your wor­ries

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Cre­ate a playlist

Whether you love Adele or Cold­play, cre­at­ing a playlist of soothing songs to lis­ten to can help you re­lax. Re­search sug­gests that when you lis­ten to a slow tempo song, your brain waves sync with the rhythm, help­ing you feel calmer. So put on your head­phones for five min­utes of me-time or play out loud so your tod­dler can reap the benefits too.

Draw par­al­lel lines

Draw­ing can give you the same re­lax­ing benefits as colour­ing in, but if you’re not sure where to start or what to sketch, grab a pen­cil and pa­per and sim­ply draw straight lines on the page. The repet­i­tive ac­tion ab­sorbs you fully in the mo­ment, plus you might be pleas­antly sur­prised by what you cre­ate!

Drink tea

Cof­fee might give you en­ergy when you’re flag­ging at the end of the day, but the caf­feine con­tent can leave you feel­ing wired and rest­less hours later. Brew up a cup of green tea in­stead. It con­tains thea­nine, an amino acid, which has a calm­ing ef­fect on your ner­vous sys­tem.

Hide your phone

Reg­u­larly check­ing so­cial me­dia can bom­bard you with in­for­ma­tion in min­utes, even if it’s just hav­ing a quick scroll through Facebook or Twit­ter. Put your phone out of sight for an hour or so and let your mind fully switch off.

Find your happy place

Where’s your favourite place to re­lax? Whether it’s a beach, leafy wood­land or in a hot tub, vi­su­al­is­ing this spe­cial spot can help you feel serene. Sit on your bed, close your eyes, then slowly count back­wards from 10. Pic­ture your­self in the lo­ca­tion and imag­ine the sounds, scents and feel of sun or wa­ter on your skin. Once your mind is fully there, take 10 deep breaths and slowly count back up to 10, then open your eyes and feel calm.


Laven­der can help re­set stress lev­els to nor­mal, so try spritz­ing a laven­der­in­fused mist toner over your face and neck. The al­co­hol­free blend con­tains rose and laven­der ex­tracts to help you re­lax, and cools you down on a warm day.

Hug more

Hug­ging for as lit­tle as 10 sec­onds can re­duce your stress lev­els and lower your blood pres­sure, as well as help­ing you feel more bonded to your part­ner. So if you’re too tired for words or feel like ships in the night, sim­ply hav­ing a quick cud­dle ev­ery day can help you feel calm and con­tent.

Empty your mind

When you’ve been up do­ing a night feed, it can be hard to get back to sleep, es­pe­cially when your mind is whirring. Keep the 3am Jour­nal by your bed­side, as the act of writ­ing some­thing down can help re­move it from your mind, help­ing you feel more peace­ful.

Snack on straw­ber­ries

Not only do dark-choco­late­dipped straw­ber­ries seem like an in­dul­gence, they can ac­tu­ally help you chill out. Dark choco­late helps lower cor­ti­sol, the hor­mone re­spon­si­ble for mak­ing us feel stressed, while the vi­ta­min C con­tent of straw­ber­ries re­duces the num­ber of free rad­i­cals your body pro­duces when un­der pres­sure. Plus, they’re fun and easy to make with your tod­dler. Sim­ply dip eight straw­ber­ries into 85g high-qual­ity, melted dark choco­late, then cool in the fridge for 30 min­utes and tuck in. Yum!

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