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When your baby was a new­born you were ad­vised to re­move pil­lows, bumpers and stuffed an­i­mals from the crib to do away with any suf­fo­ca­tion haz­ards. But now when your baby is ready to safely sleep with a pil­low, don’t toss one of your bed pil­lows into the crib. You need to buy a pil­low that will pro­tect your tod­dler from germs and dust that have ac­cu­mu­lated in your home, and pick a firm one.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE FEA­TURES YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR IN A BABY PIL­LOW: Soft - Your baby won’t be able to sleep if they are not rested on a soft sur­face.

Cor­rec­tive - Your in­fant’s head needs cor­rect align­ment along with sup­port. Choose a pil­low that will pre­vent flat­ten­ing of the baby’s head.

Easy on the skin - A baby’s skin is del­i­cate and prone to ir­ri­ta­tion. So pick a ma­te­rial that will not ir­ri­tate the skin.

Luck­ily, Joy­cobi in­tro­duced two spe­cialised orthopaedic pil­lows per­fect to help ba­bies sleep in a good head shape. Made of mem­ory foam, they ef­fec­tively im­pede sweat and foul odour and en­sure per­sonal hy­giene. Be­sides, they are germproof and formalde­hyde-free.

PRE­VEN­TIVE PIL­LOW: The pre­ven­tive pil­low has an­nu­lar holes that not only guar­an­tee air per­me­abil­ity but the three­d­i­men­sional head de­sign fits and sup­ports the shape of the head when the baby turns over. Plus, the mi­cro-bulges on both sides pre­vent stiff neck and suf­fo­ca­tion.

COR­REC­TIVE PIL­LOW: The cor­rec­tive pil­low has a gy­rate im­porous de­sign that ag­gre­gates the thrust sur­face into a force bear­ing point and en­sures com­pul­sory cor­rec­tion.

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