The laid-back or re­clined po­si­tion:


Lean back in a semi-re­clined 45-de­gree po­si­tion. En­sure you are com­pletely com­fort­able and aligned. En­sure her back and her arms are well-sup­ported un­der two com­fort­able pil­lows. Place the baby to the mother’s chest and let the scent of her breast, cou­ple with that com­fort­ing skin-to-skin con­tact, guide the baby. En­sure the baby’s torso or the chest and ab­domen, is in full con­tact with the mother chest and ab­domen. By let­ting a mother and baby spend a few mo­ments in skin-to-skin con­tact or by en­cour­ag­ing the mother to place her cheek against her baby’s cheek be­fore guid­ing him to her nip­ple, is a great way to cre­ate an ever­last­ing bond.

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