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Most colds are just colds – and while your baby is a bit snotty, it’s noth­ing to worry about. But some­times com­pli­ca­tions can de­velop, and you are the best judge of when to worry. “Trust your in­stincts,” says Katie. “If you feel there’s some­thing to worry about then talk to a doc­tor.” And al­ways get med­i­cal ad­vice if your child is: Suf­fer­ing from a per­sis­tently high tem­per­a­ture of over 38˚C – par­tic­u­larly if your baby is aged un­der three months. Not tak­ing feeds – tod­dlers might go off their food a bit, but ba­bies and tod­dlers should both still be drink­ing. Not wee­ing. Drowsy all the time, with no periods of be­ing alert. Hav­ing breath­ing dif­fi­cul­ties. Cry­ing per­sis­tently or seem­ing ir­ri­ta­ble. Un­able to swal­low, or drool­ing and drib­bling. Dis­play­ing ear, chest or throat pain – ba­bies may tug their ears or strug­gle to swal­low. Not show­ing signs of im­prove­ment af­ter five days.

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