Pam­per your­self with a pre­na­tal mas­sage


Preg­nancy is a beau­ti­ful jour­ney, but it comes with a plethora of chal­lenges. Back pain, swollen an­kles, and a host of hor­monal changes. We don’t al­ways feel or look our best when we are ex­pect­ing, so a lit­tle preg­nancy pam­per­ing is needed to keep spir­its high. In re­cent times, there have been stud­ies to sup­port var­i­ous re­lax­ation tech­niques that would raise dopamine and sero­tonin lev­els, and make you feel good. And one such pop­u­lar tech­nique is the mas­sage ther­apy. The ben­e­fits of the lux­u­ri­ous treat­ment come at a price, but ex­pec­tant mums agree that the trained hu­man touch works won­ders. A skilled ther­a­pist will work on any ail­ments you have such as swelling, back pain, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, fa­tigue, stress and gen­eral dis­com­fort. Pre­na­tal mas­sage also helps keep your cir­cu­la­tion flow­ing and al­lows to keep your body re­laxed and sup­ple for de­liv­ery. This treat­ment is pro­vided us­ing very

soft palm strokes on the fore­head, neck, shoul­der, hands, and feet, that help re­lax tensed mus­cles and ease sore­ness.


First trimester woes: To get a pre­na­tal mas­sage, you have to wait un­til you have com­pleted the first trimester. This is a sen­si­tive time, with the chances of com­pli­ca­tions be­ing high in the first 12 weeks of preg­nancy. So, sched­ule the mas­sage ses­sions be­tween your sec­ond and third trimesters, ide­ally be­tween the fourth and sev­enth months of preg­nancy. Scented prod­ucts: Ex­pec­tant mums have a height­ened sense of smell, and the burn­ing can­dles may not be as pleas­ant to you as com­pared to a reg­u­lar client. So, speak up if the scent in the room is both­er­ing you. Talk to your ther­a­pist, and re­quest for an un­scented oil. Mas­sage robes: When it comes to cloth­ing, do what feels com­fort­able. Even if you com­pletely un­dress for a mas­sage, there is noth­ing wrong with keep­ing some un­der­gar­ments on, if that is what makes you feel more com­fort­able. Most spas will of­fer you dis­pos­able un­der­gar­ments, so you do not have to worry about soil­ing your gar­ments. Body po­si­tion: A trained mas­sage ther­a­pist would make sure that you are com­fort­able as they mas­sage you. It is im­por­tant for you to find the po­si­tion that is most com­fort­able for you. Since ly­ing on the stom­ach is a no-no dur­ing preg­nancy, make sure to find a ther­a­pist who of­fers side mas­sages or owns a preg­nant belly

ta­ble. If some­thing doesn’t feel right dur­ing the mas­sage, let your ther­a­pist know im­me­di­ately. Drink­ing up: Make sure to drink up af­ter the mas­sage ses­sion. Mas­sages re­lease tox­ins from mus­cles, so it is im­por­tant to drink plenty of wa­ter to re­hy­drate the mus­cles. The real chal­lenge, how­ever, is to find a spa that of­fers a mas­sage ther­apy for ex­pec­tant mums. It is best to check that the spa you choose of­fers spe­cific ther­a­pies for ex­pec­tant mums with trained ther­a­pists. Anna Fernandes, Di­rec­tor of Quan Spa, JW Mar­riott Pune says “Women tend to ex­pe­ri­ence a lot of dis­com­fort dur­ing preg­nancy. The pre­na­tal treat­ment here helps soothe and re­lax these ar­eas of un­easi­ness. The 45-minute treat­ment is pro­vided by us­ing very soft palm strokes on the fore­head, neck, shoul­der, hands, and feet. This helps re­lax the tensed mus­cle and ease sore­ness. We rec­om­mend this treat­ment for all preg­nant mums be­tween four to seven months, and so far, we have re­ceived a tremen­dously pos­i­tive re­sponse.” This is one of the few spas that cater ex­clu­sively to mums. We bet you will not set­tle for just one ses­sion here. Like most treat­ments, an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion is re­quired and this would take around five min­utes. You just need to tick the boxes in the form, just so the ther­a­pist is aware of your pain ar­eas. You are then greeted with a re­fresh­ing grape­fruit drink and a cold towel, that sets just the right mood for the pam­per ses­sion. The room is per­fectly lit up to help you im­merse your­self in the ex­pe­ri­ence com­pletely. It is so be­spoke, you will emerge from 45-min­utes of re­lax­ation, feel­ing like a com­pletely new and re-en­er­gised per­son. The foot pam­per­ing ses­sion be­fore the mas­sage just takes things to the next level. Soak­ing the foot in the Egyp­tian rose foot soak is all the TLC that you need. It’s a multi-sen­sory 45-min­utes treat­ment that comes with a sound­track that helps you re­ally drift off. The ther­a­pist uses es­sen­tial oils tai­lored to you to com­plete the treat­ment. You get to choose be­tween al­mond oil, laven­der oil, cit­rus oil and more. The safe bet would be to just go for al­mond oil as it is ab­so­lutely nour­ish­ing for the skin. Just lay faceup and re­lax as the ther­a­pist mas­sages your body with gen­tle strokes. The feel­ing will be as sat­is­fy­ing as soak­ing into a tub af­ter a cold day and se­duce you into a sleepy state. The high­light of the pre­na­tal mas­sage is the re­cliner bed that is set in a po­si­tion to al­low cir­cu­la­tion and ut­most com­fort. A pil­low is placed be­neath the knees for sup­port, so you can rest well. The ses­sion ends with rub­bing some olive oil on the belly. Did you know olive oil can help pre­vent stretch marks? A lit­tle cos­set can go a long way in mak­ing you look and feel good dur­ing preg­nancy. So just look for that spa in your area and book the pre­na­tal mas­sage ther­apy. You will thank us for this!

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