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BE FIRM ‘Don’t give in to your tod­dler’s de­mands for his “favourite par­ent”,’ says Dr Halsey. ‘If you say no and share the task, your child will get used to it and hav­ing ei­ther par­ent be­comes the norm.’ RE­LAX ‘If your child will only let Daddy play with his toys, it may be be­cause he’s more in­clined to get in­volved in un­in­hib­ited play. So don’t be shy, make sure you are just as much fun to play with,’ says Tanith. TALK ABOUT It ‘While flat­ter­ing, it is also de­mand­ing be­ing the favourite. Both you and your part­ner can feel up­set – one be­cause the work­load has been shifted on them, and the other be­cause they feel all that love and ef­fort is not be­ing re­warded,’ says Dr Halsey.

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