5. MARJARIASANA (cat pose) AND BITILASANA (cow pose)

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Get on to your fours so that your back forms a ta­ble-top. Keep your arms per­pen­dic­u­lar to the floor, palms flat on the floor, shoul­der width apart, and knees hip-width apart. Look ahead as you stretch your back and raise your tail bone while tens­ing your glutes. Now fol­low this with a counter pose by tuck­ing your chin into your chest and curv­ing your back up­wards, while re­lax­ing the butt.

Ben­e­fits: Cat and cow stretches are best done to­gether. Both help tone the ab­domen, im­prove di­ges­tion, strengthen the wrist and shoul­ders and bring flex­i­bil­ity to the spine. These also im­prove the flex­i­bil­ity of the spine, which helps in re­gain­ing its orig­i­nal cur­va­ture af­ter de­liv­ery.

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