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Mother & Baby - - BUMP TO BIRTH -

Stand erect with feet to­gether and hands by the side of the legs. Look ahead and fo­cus on a point in the dis­tance. Lift one leg and rest it near the per­ineum if pos­si­ble, or any­where but the knee of the other leg. Clasp your hands in a na­maste near your chest and then as you feel more con­fi­dent, take the clasped hands above your head. Try to main­tain bal­ance as far as pos­si­ble. Re­peat this on the other side as well.

Ben­e­fits: In this pose, you can vi­su­alise your­self to be a tree, with your hands rep­re­sent­ing the branches. This can make you feel solidly rooted. The tree pose helps strengthen the joints, im­prove con­cen­tra­tion and bal­ance. Given that bal­ance and joint strength de­te­ri­o­rates dur­ing preg­nancy due to the added weight, this pose has restora­tive ben­e­fits.

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