Roads Sec­tor – An Out­look


com­pa­nies projects.

n the past, many EPC con­trac­tors and Moint ven­ture com­pa­nies work­ing on the PPP model suf­fered losses Eoth on their fi­nan­cial and rep­u­ta­tion front due to non-re­ceipt or late re­ceipt of gov­ern­men­tal ap­provals and clear­ances. nder­stand­ably, they be­came re­luc­tant to part­ner with the Min­istry of Roads High­ways for new projects. How­ever, when the govern­ment came up with the Hy­brid An­nu­ity Model (HAM), it helped rope in sev­eral re­puted CE and con­tract­ing firms to take the plans Ior­ward.

Hav­ing put the mech­a­nisms, sys­tems and clauses in place, the min­istry is con­fi­dent oI achiev­ing its tar­get oI con­struct­ing 0kms day. 7o en­sure this proMect works must Ee awarded reg­u­larly to the con­tract­ing com­pa­nies.

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that were awarded

Mr.Ra­jin­derRaina,Gen­eral Dan­agerͲDarŬeƟng, scorts on­strucƟon Ƌuip­ments ; Ϳ hig hl ig hts the yaw in ap etw een the ov ern en t’ amďiƟoƵs Ɖlans Ĩoƌ tŚe ƌoads and ŚigŚǁays sec­toƌ and tŚe Ɖooƌ edžecƵƟon oĨ tŚe Ɖƌoũects ďy tŚe con tac­tors

We now move on to the next level of ad­vance­ment and growth with the con­cept of Smart Cities con­nected by Smart Roads. ndia is on road to road de­vel­op­ment .0 , from high­ways ex­press­ways to Smart Roads. The de­sign and method­olo­gies of these roads must pro­vide for ad­vanced mech­a­nisms and in­stal­la­tions such as reÀec­tive and so­lar studs an­i­mated sen­sors retro reÀec­tive sig­nage Ior saIe and Iree Àow oI traႈc at high speed, and other safety mea­sures.

All of this will en­tail an ad­vanced technology-driven traႈc man­age­ment sys­tem that in­cludes an SO S call­ing fa­cil­ity for emer­gen­cies on these roads; lat­est sys­tems for sig­nalling, has­sle-free toll col­lec­tion, ac­ci­dent man­age­ment, and en­ergy-eႈcient high-pow­ered light­ing such as so­lar light­ing.

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