Legacy Global Projects Im­ple­men­ta­tion of RERA and GST will bring ease of do­ing busi­ness


Mr.San­jayShenoy,Joint Manag­ingDirec­tor, Le­ga­cyGlob­alPro­jects

is ƋƵite ƉosiƟve on tŚe de­vel­oƉ­ment and gƌoǁtŚ oĨ tŚe ƌeal es­tate sec­toƌ ǁitŚ tŚe imƉle­men­taƟon oĨ Z Z and 'Sd in /ndia͘ /n an in­teƌvieǁ ǁitŚ

͕ Śe dis­cƵsses tŚe oƉƉoƌtƵniƟes and cŚal­lenges͕ and tŚe need Ĩoƌ imƉle­men­taƟon oĨ tŚe Ɖoli­cies to ďƌing in a ƌegƵlated sys­tem Ĩoƌ ease oĨ do­ing ďƵsi­ness͕ ďotŚ Ĩoƌ de­vel­oƉeƌs and con­sƵmeƌs al­iŬe͘ džceƌƉts͘

in FY 17. This is tes­ta­ment to the con­fi­dence the world has in our coun­try’ s econ­omy. The re­sults of these de­vel­op­ments will ul­ti­mately trickle down to the real es­tate sec­tor with high de­mand in dif­fer­ent seg­ments oI hous­ing.

7he gloEal e[po­sure de­rived Irom these de­vel­op­ments will only shoot de­mand Ior high Tual­ity proMects ir­re­spec­tive oI the seg­ment. 7his is pre­cisely where /egacy¶s strength lies. :e look Ior­ward to match­ing steps with the coun­try’ s econ­omy, and e[pand into the low and mid seg­ment oI hous­ing as we main­tain our sig­na­ture style with lu[ury hous­ing.

hat im pact do ou see of on ndia’ s real es­tate ark et?

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