Tower Cranes in Pre­cast Build­ings


ndia is com­ing up with huge vol­ume of low cost eco­nomic apart­ments through pre­cast build­ings in all ma­jor cities. Pre­cast build­ing con­struc­tions are be­ing done with highly mech­a­nized technology, which will fin­ish the en­tire 10-1 storey build­ings in all re­spects with in -6 months of time. t is proven to be safe, long last­ing and very fast in con­struc­tion. n this pre­cast con­struc­tion, Tower Cranes are play­ing a vi­tal role to han­dle the pre­cast seg­ments in the yard and dur­ing the erec­tion of these seg­ments in the build­ing.

The speed, wind con­trol and ac­cu­racy of place­ments are the es­sen­tial re­quire­ments in pre­cast build­ings along with all stan­dard safety fea­tures of tower cranes. The wind act­ing on the tower crane as well as the big pre­cast seg­ments need to be strictly con­trolled for proper place­ment. A small col­li­sion may lead to fa­tal ac­ci­dents or may damage the seg­ments lead­ing to heavy losses and de­lay in com­ple­tion of the project. We are sup­ply­ing these tower cranes with in­built safe load in­di­ca­tors (SL ) and anti-col­li­sion sys­tems. So safety, se­lec­tion, place­ment, and re­li­a­bil­ity of tower cranes are very im­por­tant in timely com­ple­tion of Pre­cast build­ings.

:e have sup­plied 8 Àat top tower cranes of t ca­pac­ity with rail travel ar­range­ment to BG Shirke Con­struc­tion Technology Pvt td for their DDA project Delhi in 14,

15 16 , to con­struct about 90 pre­cast Euild­ings rang­ing Irom Àoor to 1 Àoor height. :e also sup­plied %* Shirke for MHADA Mumbai projects,

dif­fer­ent proMects in Pune 1 proMect in Chennai, and projects in Ban­ga­lore. Since our cus­tom­ized tower cranes are proven to be eco­nomic, safe and re­li­able, BG Shirke has again or­dered

Àat top tower cranes oI 1 t ca­pac­ity this year for their new DDA project in 'elhi as well as dif­fer­ent proMects at M+A'A Pune rang­ing Irom 18 Àoor to Àoors height.

Since the pre­cast build­ings are very eco­nom­i­cal, safe, long last­ing and, very fast in com­ple­tion, most of the govern­ment projects will be in pre­cast type. There is a ten­dency from the pri­vate sec­tor also to move to­wards pre­cast build­ings. n China, we have seen thou­sands of pre­cast build­ings start­ing Irom 0 Àoors to 100 Àoors oI height be­ing con­structed by de­vel­op­ers. The same sys­tem will be com­ing up in ndia soon and we are fully pre­pared to sup­port the pre­cast build­ing sec­tor.

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